12 Best New Zealand Wholesale EyeLash Vendors Factory Manufacturers In NZ

1. The Lash Factory China Lashes Manufacturer NZ

The Lash factory in China is a popular choice among Chinese and Western consumers. Lash Factory was founded in 1998 as a professional beauty products trade firm. High-quality standards and meticulous supervision of manufacturing and supply operations characterize our facility. Lashes are manufactured, packaged, and distributed all over the world by us.

These characteristics enable us to offer a diverse range of high-quality products to meet the needs of any eyelash extension specialist. The benefit of doing business with us is that we deal directly with our customers from the factory, with no middlemen.

ELLE, Sephora, BeBe, and Essence are just a few of the well-known companies with which we’ve collaborated. Almost any form of the lash product may be found here. Some of them are:

  • Natural Mink Lashes
  • Fake Mink Lashes
  • Lashes Extensions
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Lashes Made to Order

We provide the highest quality eyelash extensions to help you grow your business and meet the needs of your customers. Working with our eyelash factory provides you with access to a large and well-known manufacturing capacity. We have a variety of features that assist our firm to stand out and meet the needs of your organization. nz lashes

2. NZ Lashes wholesale Lash extensions Vendors NZ

NZ Lashes is established in Inglewood, New Zealand, serving in the industry of false eyelashes and extensions. For the past five years, they have been the top lashes provider around New Zealand. They source high-quality best lash serum NZ.

Here are products categories:

  • Classes Lashes
  • Volume Lashes
  • Different types of Lashes liquid
  • Eyelashes Tools
  • Eyelashes Extension

NZ Lashes provide multiple special offers to potential customers. During the prime season, they offer discounts on all of their eyelash extensions and let customers enjoy the benefits of their services. Moreover, there exists free shipping on some products upon delivery in New Zealand.

3. Beauti Lashes Factory wholesale premade fan lashes NZ

Located on Kapiti Coast, Beauti Lashes is a wholesale lashes provider around New Zealand. With a variety of products, you can get all the tools, extensions, and false lashes at a single website.

Here are the products you can expect from Beauti Lashes.

  • False Lashes
  • Silk Eyelash Extensions
  • Premade Fans
  • Glue and accessories
  • Application tools such as cleaning kits

There are many reasons to choose Beauti Lashes.

  • Free overnight shipping on all the orders in New Zealand over orders of $85.
  • Multiple options to pay later
  • 60 days allowed to return the unused items

You can try this brand for false lashes if you live in New Zealand.

4. Me. Beaute Eyelash Vendors wholesale loose fan volume lashes NZ

Me. Beaute is located in Wellington, New Zealand. A famous trainer My Nguyen has established this brand to provide customers with premium quality products in New Zealand. There are various types of lashes extensions and relevant application tools available at Me. Beaute. Here is where you can find the categories of products at the Me. Beaute.

  • Strip Lashes
  • Tweezers
  • Glues and accessories
  • Pre-Made Volume Fans
  • Removers

They offer the pay later features through AfterPay and Laybuy. Moreover, overnight shipping is provided if available. The great thing about this brand is free shipping over orders of $200, excluding the furniture products.

5. Miss A Beauty Wholesale magnetic Lashes business NZ

In Wellington, New Zealand, Miss A Beauty is an online store that sells eyelashes to customers in the local area. It is a domestic brand providing different types of lashes. You can visit the official website and pick up all the products you need. They will fulfill the order as per expectations.

Here is a list of products you can grab from this brand.

Check out the online store to find the lashes of your interest.

6. Designer Lashes Wholesale Lashes Vendor NZ

Designer Lashes is a brand based in New Zealand, providing customers with local and international shipping options to improve their sales. From lashes products to salon services, you have all you need for your business. You can visit their online store and shop the lashes products.

Here are the lashes items you can get:

  • False eyelashes
  • Lashes extensions
  • Adhesive and Primers
  • Lashes removers
  • Lashes cleaners and aftercare tools

For domestic shipping, they allow overnight shipping to your location in New Zealand. In the case of International shipping, time might vary as per the location.

7. Vault Lash supplies wholesale black lash extensins NZ

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Vault lash is an online store providing customers with different types of false eyelashes. You can access premium quality products at affordable prices. You can shop for the following products:

  • Classic Lashes
  • Volume Lashes
  • Adhesive and Pro-made fans
  • Tweezers
  • Accessories

For local shipping, they allow overnight shipping. Due to unexpected events, if the shipping is late, you need to wait 1-3 days to receive your inventory at home. In Auckland, Rural areas, you might expect 3-5 days for delivery.

8. Beauty Bazaar wholesael Russian volume lashes distributors NZ

Beauty Bazaar is situated in Auckland, New Zealand, serving customers for the past six years. They have had over 4000 lashes products provided to customers in the past few years. It doesn’t only work in New Zealand, but also you can expect its stores worldwide. You can get 100% original premium quality products at affordable prices.

Here is the list of lashes products you can get from this brand.

Apart from eyelashes, you can find the furniture, waxing, nails, and relevant products quite comfortably. Go ahead and search your inventory right away!

9. Celebrity Lash wholesale mink extension supplies NZ

Celebrity Lash is an online store from Elisia Webb equipping the lashes products. For the past 14 years, Celebrity lash has been featuring the following products:

  • Flat Lashes
  • Mid-sized lashes
  • Pre-made fans
  • Eye pads
  • Tweezers and accessories

They ship the products in New Zealand. From Monday to Friday, they guarantee the shipping within 48 hours. If you don’t receive the products within a given timeframe, they will provide you with free glue over the following order. Moreover, for international shipping, they recommend checking the tracking ID and keeping a record of it.uk lash nz

10. Sephora lash extension supplier wholesale strip lash NZ

Who doesn’t know the Sephora brand? Sephora is an internationally working brand worldwide, empowering customers with all types of cosmetic products, including lashes. It has almost 1900 stores around the globe in nearly 29 countries. You can find the nearby stores and install their app to receive exciting offers.

Here are the eyelashes products you can buy from Sephora.

There are many other relevant eyelashes tools to provide you with a full-featured package. It isn’t easy to buy eyelashes at affordable prices from Sephora. You can try the quality products from Sephora right away!

11. Mecca Beauty Lash Lift Supplies wholesale mink lash NZ

Mecca beauty is a popular choice for people in New Zealand with access to different eyelashes products from more than 100 brands working internationally. You can visit their physical store and order them online. They have an Android or iOS application to make things easier for potential customers.

Here is the list of products you can purchase from this brand.

  • Faux Mink Lashes
  • 3D lashes
  • False lash extensions
  • Lashes tools

Surprisingly, they offer free shipping over $25, just $25. It takes three business days to deliver the products in New Zealand. Keep your tracking ID in your pocket and check where your product has reached. eyelash extensions nelson nz

12. Lady Lash Eyelash Kit wholesale mink lash extension NZ

Lady Lash is a lashes brand that offers lashes products and lashes services. Moreover, they provide training for the students to learn this niche. At online stores, you can get in touch with them and order the inventory instantly to get the following products.

  • Classic Lashes
  • Russian Volumes
  • True Hybrid Lashes
  • Lash applications tools
  • Removers and adhesive tools

Get all these products by visiting the online store. Apart from that, you can get the list of services they offer to their customers. Visit their site right now and get to know what they have for you. hybrid lashes NZ

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