15 Best Wholesale Lash Vendors in Ireland

1. Lash Factory Lash Extensions Vendors Wholesale Ireland

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Lash Factory is the most professional eyelash vendor, wholesale the best quality individual lash extensions, Pre-made volume lashes, easy fanning lashes, colored lash extensions, strip false eyelashes, cruelty-free mink eyelashes, faux mink lashes, colored lashes. Also wholesale lash accessories, lash adhesive, lash primer, lash tweezers…Lash factory supply private labeling service for business. Export products to all over the world. Fast shipping ,large stock. 

2. Jamazing Lashes Premade Fan Lashes wholesale loose fan business Ireland

magnetic eyelashes ireland

Jamazing Lashes are the leading lash supplies business in Ireland. We have been in the industry long enough.

We understand the uniqueness of handmade eyelash extensions.

Jamazing Lashes uses premium mink to manufacture each of our lashes.

The lashes come in different sizes, lengths, curves, and volumes.

Jamazing Lashes manufactures individual and pre-made fan eyelash extensions for all your needs. We have 2D-14D Russian volume lashes. russian volume lashes vendor Ireland

3. Glamour Lashes wholesale mink volume business Lash Extensions Ireland

false eyelashes ireland

Glamour Lashes are Ireland’s best lash vendors. We have a market presence of over 8 years as a company. But, our experience in eyelash extensions goes way back to 2008.

Our priority has been to offer the highest quality products for clients and stylists. We test our lash extensions for quality and safety before supplying them to the market.

Why choose us? We focus on safety, and hence we manufacture allergy-free eyelash extensions. Our lashes come in different colours, lengths, curves, and textures.

Reach out to us for more information about our eyelash extensions and tools. Learn about our professional lashing classes on our site. false lashes ireland

4.The Lash Boutique Best volume Eyelashes extension suppliers Ireland

eyelashes ireland

The Lash Boutique prides itself on being a multi-award-winning eyelash business in Ireland. We have over a decade of excellence in the industry.

Our clients are our top priority. We manufacture quality eyelash extensions that meet the needs of our clients.

Why choose us? Our eyelash extensions feel weightless and natural for all-day wear. The lashes add volume and a darker effect to your natural lashes.

We manufacture individual and pre-made fan lashes at competitive prices. We also sell assorted lashes in our Crystal Lash Plate.

Lash boutique supplies the highest quality pro magnetic lashes. They are the most sought-after eyelash extensions in the market.

Visit our online shop for more information about our amazing eyelash extensions. magnetic false eyelashes ireland

5. Thammy Lash Glamour Lashes wholesale classic lash extension supplier Ireland

eyelashes Ireland

Thammy Lash is the best lash vendor in Ireland. We produce 100% cruelty-free lashes by offering world-class faux mink lashes.

Our goal is to support all our clients with integrity and trust. This is by offering quality eyelash extensions that last long.

Why choose us? We offer quality eyelash extensions at affordable prices. Our prices will leave you coming back for more.

We have a range of eyelash extensions in various curls, thicknesses, and lengths. We have individual and pre-made fan lashes.

Reach out to us for more information about our lash extensions and lash accessories. eyelashes ireland

6. LUXE Dublin Mink Lashes extensions manufacturer business wholesale Ireland

russian lashes Ireland

LUXE Dublin is the number one lash vendor located in the heart of Terenure, Ireland. We offer bespoke eyelash extension products and services.

We are more than an ordinary eyelash extension vendor. We offer the best lashing training services with Beauty Industry Approval (B.I.A).

Why choose us? We offer a modern touch with every touch of our eyelash extensions. This means that we supply trending lash extensions and products.

LUXE Dublin lashes come in different curls, thicknesses, and lengths. Our pro range of eyelash extensions contains everything you wish to provide.

Contact us for more details about our luxurious lashes and lash accessories. We guarantee quality in everything we offer. eyelash extension manufacturer

7. JJ Eyelash Extensions and Nails Russian Volume Lashes wholesale Ireland

russian volume lashes

JJ Eyelash Extensions and Nails by Joanna has the best eyelash extensions in Ireland. Our knowledge and expertise in eyelash extensions have been increasing since 2011.

We provide first-class lashing services to our clients and students. This has earned us the trust of top eyelash brands such as Brand Lashes.

Why choose us? Quality comes first. Our biggest desire is to train you to be the best eyelash stylist. We then provide you with quality and durable lashes to match your pro levels of service.

Visit our website to order Brand Lashes at reasonable prices. Book your lash training sessions with us to become a professional stylist. eyelash extension glue ireland

8. Ritzy Eyes Fake Eyelashes wholesale mink lash extensions supplier Ireland

mink eyelashes Ireland

Ritzy Eyes are the best wholesale lash vendors in Ireland. We offer carefully outsourced eyelash products.

Our goal is to provide quality products and services to our students and clients. Our attention to detail keeps us at the top of the game.

Why choose us? Ritzy Eyes offers 100% cruelty-free mink eyelash extensions. The lashes come in different thicknesses, curls, colours, and lengths.

We stand for perfection and precision, the key elements driving our brand.  The needs of our esteemed clients come first giving us reasons to focus on offering the best service.

Enjoy free shipping on orders above €150 in Europe and above €100 in ROI. Reach out to us for more details about our lashes and training. Classic lash extensions vendor Ireland

9. Ava Lashes Lash Extensions wholesale adhesive Ireland

eye lashes Ireland

Ava Lashes are the best wholesale lash vendors in Ireland. We have been in the industry for long offering high-quality eyelash extensions.

We are more than an eyelash extension brand. We have a range of bespoke eyelash accessories and products.

Our cream lash remover helps to enhance the durability of eyelash extensions. No more damage from oil-based make-up removers with our cream lash remover.

Why choose us? Ava Lashes offers high-quality eyelash extensions at very competitive prices. Our lashes come in a range of curls, thicknesses, and lengths.

Get a complimentary tray packed with our premium lashes for every 9 lash tray your purchase from us. wholesale volume lash extensions Ireland

10. NaiLash Paradise Classic lash extensions wholesale distributors Ireland

false lashes ireland

NaiLash Paradise is a consumer-favorite beauty brand in Ireland. We offer high-quality eyelash extensions and lashing services alongside nail artistry services.

We keep you updated with the late strands in the eyelash and nails industry. This is by offering the newest eyelash products and lashing trends.

Why choose us? Our Eyelash Paradise Lashes have the highest quality. They are best for individual and volume applications.

We offer handmade premium volume lashes. They give the best Russian result as desired by clients and stylists.

Eyelashes paradise stocks unique monochromatic and two-tone colored lashes to make you outstanding. lash ireland

11. Million Lashes Professional Eyelashes extensions wholesale Ireland

individual lashes ireland

Million Lashes Professional are the best wholesale lash vendors in Ireland. We have been in the industry for over a decade, producing high-quality lashes and supplies.

We have won many awards in the eyelash extension industry. This goes to show our professionalism in our services and products.

Why choose us? We manufacture eyelash extensions and supplies designed for lash artists by lash artists.

Quality is at the core of our business. We offer high-quality eyelash extensions and eyelash supplies at affordable prices.

Our lashes come well-packaged in different curls, lengths, and thicknesses. Reach out to us for amazing offers on bulk orders. false eyelashes ireland

12. Egoist Beauty Classic colored Lash Extension business wholesale Ireland

individual lashes ireland

Egoist Beauty is a high-end beauty brand. We supply eyelash extensions and beauty products at affordable prices.

We are a fast-growing beauty company producing luxury handmade eyelash extensions and accessories.

Why choose us? Egoist Beauty believes in making luxury beauty accessible to all. We offer 100% cruelty-free eyelash extensions suitable for every beauty enthusiast.

Our lashes come in different colours, lengths, thicknesses, and curls. Egoist Beauty stocks hybrid pre-made fan lashes to meet all the needs of our clients.

We offer incredible offers such as free shipping within Ireland on all orders above €100. Visit our website for more discounts. mink lash extension vendor Ireland

13. Lash Dolls wholesale premium Volume Classic Lash Extensions Ireland

lashes ireland

Lash Dolls is an award-winning beauty brand in Ireland. We have the best salon and lash training services.

We offer luxury eyelash extensions made with top-notch skills from our many years’ experience in the industry.

Why choose us? Lash Dolls offers exclusive discounts. This applies when you join our community by signing to our newsletter.

Enjoy incredible discounts on our well-packaged eyelash extensions. They come in different lengths, curls, and thicknesses.

We are your home of quality beauty products and services. Buy quality eyelash extensions at affordable prices.

Stand out in the competitive eyelash industry by stocking or adorning our lashes.  custom lash extensions Ireland

14. Dash Lash Beauty wholesale mink Lash Extension Adhesive Ireland

eyelash extension

Dash Lash Beauty are the newest and best wholesale lash vendor in Ireland. We have worked hard through extensive research to bring you bespoke lashes.

We create individual, volume, and pre-made fan lashes using the highest standards in the market. This guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with our products.

Why choose us? Dash Lash eyelash extensions have long-lasting curls and a perfect black finish. The lashes increase professionalism from lash artists earning you client loyalty.

Dash Lash provides quality lash primer and adhesive. This is to help the eyelash extensions last longer. Dash Lash offers you value for your money.

Visit our website and get in contact with us for more details about our eyelash extensions and accessories. lash glue vendor Ireland

15. Paulina Eyelash Extensions Vendors companyh lash business Ireland

lash lift ireland

Paulina Eyelash offers the best lashing services and products in Ireland. We have a decade of experience in the eyelash extension industry.

We offer top-quality eyelash extensions and eyelash products. PE Lashes focuses on the safety of our clients. Hence, PE Lashes manufactures eye-safe products.

Why choose us? We aim to offer 100% client satisfaction with our product and services. This is why we provide high-quality eyelash extensions at affordable prices.

PE Lashes supplies individual lashes and volume lashes suitable for all-day use. Our lashes come in different lengths, curls, and thicknesses to meet all your needs.

Reach out to us, and make your lash extension order alongside other eyelash products. pre-made fan lash Ireland

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