12 Best Lash Factory Manufacturers Supplies Eyelash Extensions Vendors in the Netherlands

1. Lash factory wholesale mink lash extensions Netherlands

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Lash factory is a China beauty brand . The founders have experience with eyelash extensions and Korean beauty products. Classic lash extensions vendor

The Korean language inspires most of the products’ names. This includes the brand name, which means ‘gain’.

Why choose Lash factory? Lash factory offers luxurious lashes. The brand uses 100% cruelty-free and animal-friendly material on the lashes.

Our lash factory offer different styles and tastes. You can wear our lashes for every occasion.

The brand offers vegan and non-vegan eyelashes. It has prospects of expanding into the production of skin-care products.

2. Lash eXtend wholesale eyelash extensions nederlands

lash extension netherlands

Lash eXtend is the leading eyelash and eyebrow brand in Europe. We have been supplying eyelash extensions and other products for over a decade.

eyelash extensions netherlands

We started our services in 2010 with our main office in Bunschoten, Netherlands. Lash eXtend has a network of distributors to ensure our products reach all our stores.

Why choose us? We aim to offer the highest standards of eyelash extensions, among other supplies. Lash eXtend offers quality eyelash and eyebrow training to aspiring artists.

We offer a range of unique eyelash extensions that match the different needs of our clients. We have the most sought-after premium mink and silk lashes at affordable prices.

Lash eXtend eyelash extensions come in different volumes, thicknesses, lengths, and curves. We also offer colored, glitter, and crystal eyelash extensions.

We offer same-day delivery on all products ordered before 16:00. Contact us to make your bulk eyelash extension order and for more information. lash extensions nederland

3. Oh-My-Lash lash vendors mink extension wholesale Netherlands

lashes netherlands

Oh-My-Lash is an award-winning Dutch eyelash extensions brand. We quality wholesale eyelash extensions and lash application supplies.

We give our all when it comes to the quality of our products and services. This helps us deliver the best quality for your salon.

Why choose us? We supply the very best animal-friendly eyelash extensions in the market. Our brand is EU registered, giving you a guarantee of quality in every set of eyelash extensions.

Oh-My-Lash aims to deliver the most innovative eyelash extensions and services. We offer different eyelash stylist training courses given by award-winning trainers.

Our eyelash extensions come in beautiful pink packaging. Oh-My-Lash supplies the eyelashes. The lashes come in different lengths, colours, and curves to meet the of our clients. lash netherlands vendor

Oh-My-Lash offers a range of premade fans in different volumes, making work easy for you as a stylist. You can easily apply the premade fans to achieve the desired look of your customer. 

4. Eyelash Products volume lash extension manufacturer wholesale Netherlands

eyelashes netherlands

Eyelash Products stocks eyelash extensions and other eyelash supplies from the best brands. We supply eyelash extensions to clients in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. vendor wholesale lash extensions 0.07

We also have salon supplies making us your one-stop-shop. Visit us for your start-up or business expansion.

Why choose us? We supply quality eyelash extensions from top brands such as BL Lashes and Neicha. This means that we are a credible supplier trusted by the best.

We have more than 142 types of eyelash extensions. This is because they differ in volume, thickness, lengths, material, color, and curves.

What sets Eyelash Products apart is that we stock jewel eyelash extensions. Find the following Jewel lashes from our store;  lash extension private label Netherlands

  • Capri Blue-Topaz-Amethyst eyelash extensions
  • Crystal-Ruby-Emerald eyelash extensions
  • Light Amethyst-Siam-Rose eyelash extensions

5. Eyelash Express classic lash extensions supplier wholesale Netherlands

eyelash extension netherlands

Eyelash Express has earned its place for offering the ultimate lash experience. We are eyelash extension application, treatment, and lifting specialists.

Eyelash Express supplies high-quality eyelash extensions and eye care supplies. We believe that your eyes shine more with exquisite lashes from Eyelash Express.

Why choose us? We offer quality eyelash extensions at affordable prices. Eyelash Express believes in value for your money.

We observe high hygiene standards during the lashing services to enhance eye safety. Our passionate lash artists always observe hygiene.

The eyelash extensions come in different lengths, curves, thicknesses, colors, and volumes. Eyelash Express stocks the most sought-after jewel lashes. Our goal is to meet all your needs. Wholesale mink lash extension vendor

Reach out to us to make your salon appointment for quality lashing services or make your order. We guarantee the optimal durability of eyelash extensions.

6. Fabulashes wholesale lash extensions manufacturer Netherlands

eyelash extensions netherlands

Fabulashes is your go-to eyelash extension salon and supplier in the Netherlands. We take the lead when it comes to beauty courses and lashing services.

We stand out from our competitors by using self-designed quality eyelash extensions. Fabulashes offers personal advice as per the wishes of our customers.

Why choose us? We are a household name in the eyelash industry. This is due to consistency in offering high-quality lashes and services.

We don’t just sell eyelash extensions but a range of quality eyelash extension supplies. Buy Fabulashes eyelash extensions alongside our lash glue and applicators to enhance durability.

We offer an amazing and affordable starter pack to make your application easy. It contains the following;


  • Eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash brushes
  • Air pump
  • Lash Primer
  • Eyelash glues and bonders
  • Glue Crystal
  • Lash shampoo
  • Tape micropore

7. Perfect Eyelash vendor wholesale individual lash extension netherlands

eyelash extensions nederland

Perfect Lash is a leading Dutch beauty brand specializing in lash and brow products. We started as a small home studio close to a decade ago and have grown into an eyelash empire.

We work with a team of professional stylists and trainers in our company to boost the quality of our lashes. As a result, Perfect Eyelash gained over 50 international awards in 2018.

Why choose us? Perfect Eyelash won the best international lash brand award in 2020. We are among the nominees for the 2022 best international lash brand awards.

We offer premium silk and mink eyelash extensions, known for luxury effects. Perfect Lashes has ultra-soft lash extensions best for clients with thinned natural lashes.

Our lashes come in different lengths, thicknesses, and colors to meet market demands. Reach out to us for more information about our high-quality eyelash extensions.

8. Lash Almere own brand lash extensions supplier wholesale netherlands

lash extensions netherlands

Lash Almere is a renowned brand in the industry. We offer quality lashing services and eyelash products.

We offer 3D volume lashes, beauty treatment, BB glow, eyebrow styling, and micro-needling. Lash Almere also offers one-by-one eyelash extensions courses. classic volume eyelash extension netherlands

Why choose us? Neicha, the best eyelash extensions brand, trusts us to offer training on their behalf.

The Neicha eyelash extensions come in a range of styles with a quality guarantee with each pack. The best thing about Neicha lashes on our Webshop is that they come at affordable prices.

Lash Almere aims to make you look great through our services and products. Reach out to us to book an appointment or buy the best eyelash extensions in the market.

9. Lash Paris professional eyelash extensions vendor netherlands wholesale

lash lift netherlands

Lash Paris tops the list of the best luxury vegan lash brands in the eyelash extensions industry. Our founder, Yazmin, has over a decade as a lash specialist offering her 100%.

We aim to lead women to the top by giving the best training, lashing services and products.

Why choose us? Our Yazmin luxury label of eyelash extensions offers the newest trends in the market. Lash Paris believes in empowering our clients to lash themselves like lash techs.

eyelash extensions nederland

Our eyelash extensions come in beautiful pink and white cases that add a touch of elegance. Lash Paris values diversity in terms of lengths, thicknesses, and curves.

The best part about our eyelash extensions is that we offer affordable prices for each set. We want you to have the best-looking eyelashes everywhere you go.

Reach out to us for more information about our Lash Paris and Yazmin eyelash extensions.

10. Lash Box LA (LBLA) cashmere faux mink lash extension wholesale netherlands

lash extensions nederland

Lash Box LA is a universal beauty brand with branches across the globe. We also offer the best lash training courses in the industry.

We offer a variety of bespoke eyelash extensions and eye care supplies. This makes us your reliable dealer for all your beauty needs in the Netherlands.

Why choose us? We have a broad selection of eyelash extensions for all. The lashes range from natural to dramatic looks.

We understand that a set of eyelashes doesn’t have to contain a single style. LBLA offers mixed lengths and mixed thicknesses trays.

LBLA places affordable prices on each set of our elegant eyelash extensions. What’s more is that we offer mixed color and Ombre lashes, which most competitors don’t offer.

We have more variety than you can imagine. Reach out to us to view more of what we offer and to make your order.  lash extensions wholesale supplier netherlands

11. Lash Art wholesale mink lash extensions supplier Netherlands

lash extension vendor netherlands

Lash Art, also known as Magic Lashes, specializes in supplying eyelash extensions. We work with HiLashes as their stockists.

We attach great importance to quality customer service online and at our salon. Magic Lashes also offers lash lift, eyelash extensions, and brow styling training.

Why choose us? We offer quality and affordable eyelash extensions from the best beauty brand, HiLashes.

HiLashes come in simple and unique eyelash packaging. Find over 40 products in the eyelash extensions category. The HiLashes come in different styles, colors, lengths, and curves.

Reach out to us online or visit our physical store in Hague to purchase our lashes or for salon services. Everything you need under one roof! own brand mink lash extension netherlands

12. Johanah wholesale mink eyelash manufacturer Netherlands

best lash extensions netherlands

Johanah is an eyelash extension salon based in the Netherlands. Johanah partnered with Lash eXtend, the No.1 lash brand in Europe, in 2018. lash extensions manufacturer Netherlands

Our founder, Erika, has certifications from training and seminars about lashes and brows. This is what led to the collaboration with Lash eXtend.

Why choose us? Johanah supplies the best eyelash extensions in Europe. Earning the trust of the leading beauty brand means we offer quality services.

Buy the eyelash extensions together with the lash glue to enhance their durability.

Johanah offers convenient prices on each set of eyelash extensions and eyelash supplies. This goes to our lash styling services.

Enjoy fast and efficient shipping on your order across the globe. Contact us for more information.

13. Neicha wholesale premium volume lash extension Netherlands

netherlands beauty brands

Neicha is the global market leader in the eyelash extensions industry. We have a wide and innovative range of high-quality eyelash extensions. lash vendors mink eyelash extension netherlands

We supply eye-safe lash adhesive to prevent allergic reactions in sensitive eyes. Neicha has a range of other lash and brow supplies, such as brow soaps.

Why choose us? We are the world’s leading eyelash extension brand. Neicha observes the EU safety regulations on all our products.

Being a Global Trade Group means we supply our products to other companies worldwide. Neicha works with the best and most reliable beauty companies to maintain credibility.

Neicha lashes come in a wide range to give our clients a diverse option. We place affordable prices on all our products.

Reach out to us for all your eyelash extension and beauty supplies needs. We have got you covered!

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