Eyelash Vendors List

While there are hundreds of lash vendors who wholesale lashes and do custom packaging, finding a reliable one is still difficult. So, we have compiled a list of the top lash vendors.

All these vendors are highly professional and sell different kinds of lashes. These include wholesale mink lashes, magnetic lashes, faux mink lashes, eyelash extensions, etc.

1. Lash Factory China Best Lash Vendor

Lash Factory China is perhaps the best manufacturer of wholesale lashes.

They have been in the lash industry since 1988. This experience makes them the most reliable eyelash manufacturer.

The best thing about buying wholesale lashes from Lash Factory China is that you get the best prices. Their products come directly from the factory, and involve no middleman in the process.

They produce:

  • Wholesale mink lashes
  • 3D faux mink lashes
  • Pre-made fan lashes
  • Corner eyelashes
  • Magnetic eyelashes
  • Colored mink lashes

Their collection isn’t limited to these products.

Some of the famous brands they’ve worked with are:

  • Sephora
  • Bebe
  • SK-II
  • Essence
  • ELLE
  • Artistry

Luckily, they also offer free customization of lashes and their boxes. In this way, you can start your own eyelash brand.

2. Huda Beauty Best Eyelash Vendor

Huda Beauty is a famous name in the cosmetic and lash industry. They have a complete line of lashes, including synthetic lashes, mink lashes, faux mink lashes, and other lash accessories.

Apart from false lashes, you can find many other makeup products and lash tools in one place. Huda Beauty launched their lash line in 2013, and the excellent customization of lashes made them instant best sellers.

Their lash line consists of several kinds of lashes, and the different styles of lashes are worth considering. All the lashes are designed by Huda Kattan and later hand-crafted by professionals.

3. Lily Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors

Lily Lashes is a professional lash vendor in the USA, and their collection consists of almost every style of lashes.

Their magnetic lashes are the most famous and have become the best-seller in their collection.

Most of their collection consists of:

  • Mink lashes
  • Faux mink lashes
  • Synthetic lashes

Luckily, Lily Lashes has lashes of all types, providing minimum to maximum volume to the eyes.

You can also select the right style according to your eye shape and the effects you want. Lily Lashes also has a YouTube channel where you can find tips and tutorials for applying lashes and how to care for them.

4. Tatti Lashes Eyelash Extension Vendors

Tatti Lashes is another famous lash vendor in the USA. This award-winning team won the award for the best false eyelashes in 2020.

Several celebrities like the Kardashians, Cardi B, and Kris Jenner have also tried the best lashes from their collection.

Apart from selling false eyelashes, Tatti Lashes also provides lash training courses. Their collection also consists of 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D lash trays. The Russian volume and classic lashes are made from vegan-friendly synthetic.

However, you’ll also find luxury mink lashes in their products.

5. Ardell 3d Mink Eyelash Vendors

Ardell is the leading manufacturer and vendor of false lashes in the USA. One of their latest products is Aqua lashes, which are water-activated and need no glue.

Apart from these, they also have a collection of super-soft wispies for natural-looking lashes. Faux mink and magnetic lashes are their favorite products.

Ardell also provides a complete lash application and removal process and aftercare routine for each of their lashes. Their different categories of lashes and never-ending collections have a lot to offer.

Apart from selling false eyelashes, Tatti Lashes also provides lash training courses. Their collection also consists of 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D lash trays. The Russian volume and classic lashes are made from vegan-friendly synthetic.

However, you’ll also find luxury mink lashes in their products.

6. Eylure Wholesale Vendors For Lashes

With over 7 years of experience in the lash industry, Eylure is the best wholesale lash vendor in the USA.

Eylure has many categories of false lashes, and their lashes are handmade. Every lash also comes with lash glue.

The colored lashes and ProMagentic lashes are the most popular in their collection. The ProMagnetic lashes are made from faux mink. You can also shop their products according to your preferred lash length and band length.

From natural to dramatic and wispy lashes, their lash collection has many different styles for you.

Eylure lashes also sell lashes in UK and Australia.

7. House of Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

House of Lashes came into existence through a lover of false lashes who was disappointed by the products available in the market. So, she decided to launch her own lash line.

House of Lashes consists of a hardworking team that thrives on manufacturing eyelashes up to industry standards.

Most of their lashes are made from synthetic and faux mink but include other materials too. They also have a team of influencers who guide you with buying suitable lashes according to the eye shape. From everyday natural lashes to wedding looks, they have all the styles any woman would want!

8. Red Cherry Lashes USA Lash Vendors

Red Cherry Lashes is in the USA and manufactures high-quality false eyelashes. They produce cruelty-free and lightweight lashes. That is why their lash collection consists of hand-crafted lashes manufactured from human hair.

Their different collections contain lashes for every occasion, and you can get natural as well as dramatic styles here.

9. Velour Beauty Strip Lash Vendors

Velour Beauty is another professional lash vendor in the USA. The company manufactures water-resistant and cruelty-free lashes. Their collection consists of:

  • Magnetic lashes
  • Vegan mink lashes
  • Faux mink lashes
  • Effortless lashes

The effortless lashes by Velour Beauty are unique because they don’t require you to cut or trim the lashes. In fact, their size and length will fit your eye shape perfectly.

The magnetic lashes are also a new product in their collection.

Apart from lashes, Velour Beauty also sells lash kits and other lash accessories.

10. Tarte Cosmetics False Lashes Vendor

Every lash lover knows that Tarte Cosmetics is the most famous of all the lash vendors in the USA due to its high-quality products. The official website states that they use only natural ingredients in their products.

The company claims to produce cruelty-free and latex-free vegan false eyelashes.

Their tarteist PRO cruelty-free lashes are the most famous. Although false lashes are their specialty, you can also find lash glues and lash extensions here.

11. One/Size Beauty False Eyelashes Vendor

One/Size Beauty has a fantastic collection of all beauty products, and their false eyelashes are the best in the USA.

As quality is their priority, they produce cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free lashes. Almost all the lashes are vegan and made of high-quality synthetic material.

If you want complete bundles, One/Size Beauty also pairs the false lashes with a liquid eyeliner. The different designs and long and short lengths of the lashes give a natural and premium look.

12. Luscious Lashes Eyelash Extension Vendor

Luscious Lashes is a lash vendor as well as a beauty supply store that offers lash extension and other services in the salon. Their famous lash products are volume lash extensions and classic lash extensions.

They produce their own extensions and also use them on their customers and during the training process. You can also find lash trays here, which often include mink lashes and lashes of mixed lengths.

Luscious Lashes has been in the lash industry since 2003, and their experience is diverse.

Their pre-made volume fans and colored lash trays are also the favorites of their customers.

13. BL Lashes Mink Eyelash Extensions Vendor

Founded in 2004, BL Lashes has been in the beauty industry for more than 17 years. Their extensive experience has made them the best lash vendors in the USA.

You can find many different styles and categories of lashes on their website. Some of them are:

  • Laser lashes
  • Fan lashes
  • Pre-made fan lashes
  • Flat lashes
  • Mink eyelash extensions

The triple lashes are perhaps the most famous in their collection. The company focuses more on Korean beauty and manufacturers lashes according to it.

They have more than 10 types of lash extensions glues and different styles of false lashes.

14. MoxieLash Wholesale Lash Vendors

MoxieLash is a team of professional lash vendors in the USA. Their lash kits are famous among customers because they provide all the essential lashes in one place along with their tools. The magnetic lashes are also popular and super easy to use.

The company claims to have started it only with magnetic lashes. But, the immense response from customers encouraged them to extend their lash line.

Their Lashes collection consists of non-magnetic lashes that are water-based and latex-free. The Lashes liner is another impressive and unique product, which leaves a transparent color and makes it easy to stick the lashes.

15. Lola’s Lashes Magnetic Lash Vendors

Lola’s Lashes produces cruelty-free natural and magnetic lashes. Their lash line also contains the magnetic eyeliner, which requires only one layer to make the lashes stick and stay on for 6 hours.

All the lashes are made from Korean silk and are paraben-free, latex-free, and completely vegan.

As they manufacture cruelty-free lashes, most of them are made from faux mink to give the real look of mink lashes. The website is filled with reviews from customers, and they only see magnetic eyeliners and lashes.

Although some lashes are not magnetic, they are made to be suitable with magnetic eyeliners. Lola’s Lashes believes that lash glue is toxic to the eyes, and that’s why they’ve eliminated it from their products. In one year, they’ve become the UK’s best No-Glue Lash Brand.

16. Moitié Lash Vendors Wholesale

Moitié sells high-quality lashes and also offers lash extensions services to their customers. They have 100% vegan and cruelty-free lashes. PETA has also approved their high-quality lashes.

The founder developed this company after losing her natural lashes due to lash products. Their lash categories mainly consist of three types of lashes:

  • Natural
  • Light glam
  • Full glam

Their 10-day lash extensions are also popular among ladies. Whether you want strip lashes or lash extensions, the vendor has everything for you.

17. MyLash USA Eyelash Manufacturers

MyLash USA is another reliable lash vendor in the USA. It is the perfect place for businesses because they offer competitive prices. The company also allows you to add your private label and distribute the products to supply stores.

They sell high-quality lash extensions in several stores. MyLash USA also offers lash services and lash training in the salon.

18. KVD Beauty Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

KVD Beauty came into existence in 2008, and since its establishment, it has continued to flourish in the lash industry. The company also claims that all of its products are cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

They mostly have vegan false lashes in their collection. These lashes are cruelty-free and latex-free.

Also, their lashes don’t have any animal hair! You can find bundles of false lashes with glue on their official website.

Although the products are limited, each lash comes in three styles: dramatic, natural, and full volume.

19. LivBay Lsah Eyelash Extension Vendors

LivBay Lash is a family-owned lash business in the USA. The family has been in this business for several years, and now they have extended their services to lash products as well as lash training. Starting in 2015 with a small salon, LiveBay Lash has come far in the lash industry.

Their collection includes pre-made fan lashes and eyelash extensions. Their lashes are made from faux mink and have different curl styles.

Apart from selling lash extensions, LivBay Lash also provides lash training courses online and in person.

20. Kiss Lashes Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Founded in 1989, Kiss Lashes has been providing high-quality lashes to almost 100 countries.

The magnetic lashes and GLUEliner are new products in their collection, and they became the best-selling item!

The different styles of eyelashes make them the go-to lash vendors for every occasion. Whether you want a natural look or have to attend a wedding, Kiss Lashes has all styles to match your needs.

All the lashes are natural and cruelty-free, made from 100% natural hair.

21. GladGirl Lash Extension Vendors

GladGirl is a team of professionals that sell lashes and offer lash services to clients. They have won several awards in the lash industry, and the company is a long-standing member of PBA.

PETA also approved and recognized them in 2020.

Their categories of lashes include:

  • Classic lashes
  • Mink lashes
  • Volume lashes
  • Silk lashes
  • Rapid fan lashes
  • Mega volume lashes

As they make cruelty-free lashes, their mink lashes are made from handmade synthetic mink and arranged in lash trays. Their award-winning mink lashes are available in different curl styles.

Their rainbow unicorn eyelash extensions and fan lashes are also unique and impressive.

22. Doe Lashes Lash Wholesale Vendors


Doe Lashes is a team of professional lash vendors that manufactures lightweight lashes with a natural Korean look. They also sell lashes at wholesale rates, but there’s a minimum limit to it.

The company claims to provide hand-crafted lashes made from silk with a lightweight cotton band. They source all the materials from South Korea.

The company uses Korean silk fiber and synthetic silk fiber to manufacture lashes.

Doe Lashes has all the different styles of false lashes. They also provide the flexibility of creating your own pack of 5 lashes by choosing your favorite ones from the collection.

23. Lash Box LA Lash Box Vendors

Lash Box LA produces and sells all products related to eyelashes, from lash glues to lash shampoos. Apart from selling false lashes, they also provide lash extension training by professionals in the lash industry.

You can also find various curl options, with the L-art series lashes being the most popular in their collection.

Their lash collection includes:

  • Vegan 5D mink lashes
  • Colored lashes
  • Pre-made fan lashes
  • Man lashes
  • Flat lashes
  • Mink lash trays

They also have false lashes and extensions with varying thickness, from 0.02 mm to 0.18 mm. Luckily, customers can also choose between the curls they want.

24. Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

Tori Belle Cosmetics is a famous magnetic lash vendor in the USA. So, if you want to buy high-quality magnetic lashes, this vendor can be your perfect choice. Laura Hunter, the founder of Tori Belle, developed the first-ever magnetic eyeliner in 2018.

Since their introduction, magnetic lashes and magnetic liners have gained much popularity. Both are easy to use and stick to the lashes.

The company manufactures cruelty-free and gluten-free magnetic lashes. Whether you want natural-looking lashes for the office or full volume lashes for a wedding, Tori Belle has a wide range for you.

25. Baddie B Lashes 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale

Baddie B Lashes is the perfect lash vendor for people looking for excellent quality lashes at a low price.

All the lashes have faced a permanent price drop and are now available only at $15 and below. Their lash collection includes:

  • Mink lashes
  • 3D mink lashes
  • Faux mink lashes
  • Synthetic lashes

The company claims to provide natural and lightweight lashes that feel comfortable to wear all day. The lash collection is impressive, as you can find all styles here. Whether you want a natural or dramatic look, Baddie B Lashes has a solution to everything!

They also provide an Afterpay facility to customers in which they get the lashes and pay for them later.

26. Bold Face Makeup Best Lash Vendors

Bold Face Makeup is a professional wholesale lash vendor in the USA. Just as the name suggests, the company strives to produce unique and high-quality lashes that give you a bold and attractive look.

Their lash collection only consists of 3D lashes to give your eyes a different look. They have also made the lashes extremely lightweight by making the lash band thin.

Each of their lashes is cruelty-free, and that’s why you’ll find most lashes made from human hair or synthetic fibers.

The True Collection has lashes with the thinnest bands and gives the most lightweight feel out of all the lashes in their collection.

27. Ash Lash Wholesale Lashes Suppliers

Being one of the leading lash vendors in the USA, Ash Lash was founded by a cosmetologist. They manufacture 100% vegan and cruelty-free lashes. That is why their lash collection only consists of faux mink and synthetic lashes.

The company claims to have professional lash makers in their team. They craft 3D lashes by hand by stacking multiple lashes over each other in rows. Also, their manufacturing process is much longer than the regular lash production process. It means that they put great effort into making high-quality 3D lashes.

28. Lavish Lashes Eye Lash Vendors

Lavish Lashes in another lash company in the USA with high-quality lash extensions. They offer professional training courses for eyelash extensions. Thus, they can be the ideal place for people who want to start an eyelash extensions business.

The company claims to provide comprehensive knowledge of their products and quickly respond to any queries. With more than 16 years of experience in the lash industry, Lavish Lashes is a team of professionals.

They also sell classic and volume eyelash extensions. Their collection includes bold mink, Siberian mink, and silky mink extensions.

They also sell lower lash extensions and premium loose lashes.

29. iLashstore Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

iLashstore provides eyelash extensions and other lash related supplies to their customers. Their products include:

  • Mink/laser lashes
  • Russian volume lashes
  • Volume fan lashes

BL Blink Mink laser lashes are the best in their collection, which are made from synthetic mink. The company claims to provide the highest-quality lashes for the lash extensions business. They also have lashes of different curls and different lengths. You can also choose between various thicknesses of lashes.

They also sell lashes in bulk, and you can contact them for wholesale lashes.

30. FlutterHabit Best Eyelash Vendors

FlutterHabit is a professional wholesale lash vendor in the USA. It has thousands of reviews from customers, and different styles of lashes are available. You can also shop for lash accessories here. You can cooperate with them, and businesses can buy lashes at wholesale prices.

The company claims to produce lashes with lightweight segments. That’s why they design the false lashes to go underneath your natural lashes.

They sell both false lashes and lash extensions and have all types of styles, from subtle to dramatic.

31. Lashify Eyelash Wholesale Vendors

Lashify is a professional wholesale lash vendor. They sell false lashes at both retail and wholesale prices. However, you’ll have to sign up for a membership plan for wholesale prices, which also offers a huge discount.

They sell cruelty-free lashes made from PBT silk. Lashify is an award-winning company with more than 100 patents worldwide.

The company also has colored lashes of unique colors. The lashes are lightweight, and the different categories allow you to choose between various lengths and curls.

32. Flutter Lashes Vendors For Lashes

Flutter Lashes started the lash business in 2011, and this experience makes it the best lash vendor in the USA. They offer high-quality lashes at the best price range, and they are also reusable.

They produce mink lashes, synthetic lashes, premium synthetic lashes, and human hair lashes.

Among these collections, you’ll find many lash styles, from natural to voluminous look. They also provide a complete description of each lash and mention the eye shape it suits best.

33. Lash Shark Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors

Formerly known as Diva Lashes, Lash Shark is a reliable lash vendor that also sells other lash accessories. They test their eyelash extensions before selling and make sure that everything is up to industry standards.

The company manufactures high-quality faux mink strip lashes. Also, they sell the lash glue and other accessories separately.

The lash extensions are made from PBT synthetic and are available in various lengths, thicknesses, and curls. From 8mm to 18mm, you will find all lengths of lashes.

34. BoujiLash Lash Packaging Vendors

BoujiLash is a professional magnetic eyelash vendor in the USA. They only have magnetic lashes in their collection. These lashes are hassle-free and super easy to put on the eyes because they don’t require any glue or magnetic liner.

The company also claims that their magnetic eyelashes don’t cause allergies because you don’t use glue in the process. They manufacture high-quality lashes, and each of them has several magnets to stick and blend with your natural eyelashes.

They also provide BoujiLash kits to customers looking for a complete bundle.

35. Crystal Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors

Crystal Lashes is another lash vendor based in the USA. Apart from selling eyelashes, they also sell lash accessories and lip glosses. You can find a variety of lash styles in their collection.

They produce high-quality and lightweight lashes up to industry standards. The different styles of lashes are perfect for all occasions. You can get dramatic and natural-looking lashes as well.

36. Laava 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

Laava is a wholesale mink lash vendor in the USA. They produce handmade and lightweight lashes, and use real mink and faux mink in the manufacturing process.

Their collection has mink lashes, faux mink lashes, and petite mink lashes. Apart from strip lashes and individual lashes, they also sell corner lashes.

You can buy mink lashes at wholesale rates to get reduced prices. They also offer discounts through bundles of lashes. Laava has lashes of all styles and designs, including classic, wispy and bold. Also, the length can be anywhere between 6mm and 22mm.

37. Doll Lashes Vendors For Eyelashes

Doll Lashes has a wide range of different styles and designs to match every eye shape. A team of professionals runs this company, and it came into existence back in 2016. However, the professionals have more than twenty years of experience in the field.

So, they ensure high-quality and lightweight lashes to blend with your natural ones. The brand started with eyelashes only. After seeing the overwhelming response, they extended it to other beauty products.

All the lashes are lightweight and reusable for up to 20 times.

38. Sassy Lash 5d Mink Lashes Wholesale

Sassy Lash started in 2005 and has been providing high-quality lashes for many years now. As the owner is a professional lash extensions trainer, the company ensures the best lash products. It also provides lash application techniques to customers.

Their team of certified lash professionals also provides lash extensions services. Apart from this, they train other people about lash extensions.

They sell individual lashes, which they manufacture from synthetic mink to offer a voluminous look. Their volume lashes are the most famous, and professionals help you apply them correctly.

39. DOLLCE DOLL Lash Extensions Wholesale Vendors

DOLLCE DOLL is a professional lash brand with many years of experience in the industry. The experienced team provides high-quality lashes. They also offer lash extensions services and have a training academy for lash courses.

They also claim to provide 100% cruelty-free lashes.

They sell:

  • 3D faux mink strip lashes
  • 20D pre-made Russian volume lashes
  • 10D pre-made Russian fan lashes
  • Premium silk lash extensions
  • Flat lashes
  • Hybrid lashes, etc.

But, their collection is not limited to it. The wide range of different styles and designs makes them the best false eyelash vendor.

40. KoKo Lashes Best Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

KoKo Lashes is a professional lash vendor in the USA with more than 50 styles of lashes in their collection. The brand offers cruelty-free lashes. It makes them from human hair and high-quality synthetic fibers.

KoKo Lashes also claims to provide the best false lashes at competitive prices to customers. They aim to create a soft and natural look.

So, the workers perfectly hand-craft their lashes to make them beautiful.

The types of lashes they have are:

  • Strip lashes
  • Magnetic lashes
  • Individual lashes
  • Faux mink lashes
  • Pre-glued lashes, etc.

They offer soft, wispy, voluminous, and dramatic styles in their lash collection.

41. Invogue Lashes Eyelashes Wholesale Suppliers

Invogue Lashes is a famous lash brand that sells high-quality lashes. Their lashes are lightweight due to their thin and light bands. They also hand-craft their lashes through professional workers in the team.

Invogue Lashes has years of experience in the lash industry because it came into existence in 2010. The brand offers a concise range of lashes at low prices.

The brand claims to sell vegan-friendly and cruelty-free lashes. They sell both strip lashes and lash extensions. Apart from false lashes, you can also find other lash accessories and buy them in bundles

42. Oh My Lash Real Mink Lashes Wholesale

Oh My Lash is a wholesale lash vendor. They have many styles of lashes, which include:

  • Soft glam lashes
  • Full glam lashes
  • Wispy lashes
  • Clear band styles

The brand is against animal cruelty and manufactures all the lashes from faux mink. They also send reusable cases with lashes to keep them safe. You can buy lashes individually or in sets. The brand also supplies its lashes to wholesalers and retailers.

Apart from lashes, they also sell latex-free eyelash glue and other products.

43. Sosu by SJ lash venders

Sosu by SJ is another professional lash vendor in the USA. The brand has won many awards, and you can find them on their website. They also have an affiliate program, and many retailers are working with them.

They produce cruelty-free strip lashes and eyelash extensions. These lashes are reusable, lightweight, and made from 100% human hair. Thus, they can perfectly blend with natural lashes to give a soft look.

The brand also has many other styles and categories of lashes, from natural to dramatic.

44. Battington Beauty Eyelash Supplier Wholesale

Battington Beauty is another popular wholesale lash vendor in the USA. However, their expertise is in silk lashes only. The company claims to produce 100% handmade silk lashes in several different styles.

The innovative 3D designs of the lashes help them give a natural look, and you can use each lash up to 25 times. The founder of Battington Beauty, Sirine, came up with the idea of producing natural and cruelty-free lashes.

You can find silk lashes of many styles, from false lashes to individual lashes. Silk lashes with invisible bands are one of their unique products.

45. Glamnetic Mink Lash Vendors With Packaging

Glamnetic Lashes has an interesting story with a great mission, which has helped it become the top lash vendor in the USA.

Only in one year, the company has progressed and obtained an excellent image in the lash industry. Today, you can find over 50 styles of lashes for different occasions, from soft and natural to volume lashes.

Their false lashes are handmade and paraben-free, made from silk fibers, and can be used over 40-60 times.

Glamnetic also makes other lashes that include:

  • Vegan magnetic lashes
  • Synthetic lashes
  • Mink lashes
  • Faux mink lashes

46. MAC Cosmetics Best Wholesale Lash Vendors

When talking about the beauty and lash industry, the name of MAC Cosmetics always comes on the top. Their professional team and high-quality products make them the best lash vendors in the USA.

Started in 1984 in Toronto, this brand has grown huge and spread in many different countries. Like their makeup products, their lash collection is also unique. You can find many different styles like fanned, feathered, wispy, multi-layered, and curled lashes.

The different styles and volumes make them perfect for all events.

47. Unicorn Cosmetics 3D Mink Lashes Vendor

Unicorn Cosmetics is a lash vendor based in the USA that offers premium quality lashes and other makeup products. They have both lash extensions and strip lashes.

You can buy mink lashes, 3D mink lashes, and faux mink lashes here as well. Their unicorn lashes are the most popular in their lash collection.

The website includes many customer reviews from women who tried their products. They also offer a wide range of lashes for all events and eye shapes. Whether you want a natural look or a full-volume look, this wholesale lash vendor has all categories of lashes.

48. Silly George Best Mink Lashes Wholesale

Silly George is the best wholesale lash vendor in the USA. It has an affiliate program and wholesale program as well for people who want to sell their products.

The company is an eye beauty brand and aims to provide pain-free and hassle-free products. The Clear LinerBond Pro is the best in their collection. It is a transparent lash glue that doesn’t leave any mess, and you can apply the lashes hassle-free.

The company has cruelty-free and latex-free vegan lashes. The dual strip magnetic lashes are also their favorite product, which are made from synthetic.

Many lashes comprise of luxurious synthetic silk. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear for several hours.

49. i-ENVY by Kiss Mink Lash Trays Wholesale

i-ENVY by Kiss is a team of professionals who work hard to produce premium lashes. They ensure you get high-quality lashes at reasonable prices. That’s why they make their false lashes with premium Remy human hair.

Their lash collection includes:

  • Magnetic lashes and liner
  • Wispy lashes
  • Specialty lashes
  • Voluminous lashes
  • Individual lashes
  • Trio lashes

They also have 3D luxury mink lashes and lash extensions in their collection. The different styles offer a natural as well as voluminous look to your lashes.

50. Everra Eyelash Box Vendors

Everra is a beauty brand in the USA with a wide range of lashes and lash products. The brand came into existence in 2019 and has a hardworking, committed, and honest team to provide the best products.

They produce cruelty-free and paraben-free lashes. Thus, all the false lashes are vegan. Their magnetic lashes and magnetic liner are the best products. They have 11 magnets and can last for up to 30 wears.

You can also find colored lashes and faux mink lashes in their collection. But, most of the lashes are magnetic. These lashes are made from PBT and are windproof and sweat-proof.

51. Melody Lashes Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale

Melody Lashes is a reliable and experienced lash vendor. The professional team makes handmade and vegan-friendly lashes by combining premium quality products. The brand has also won an award for its lashes.

Their lashes are suitable for all occasions and are user-friendly. They only use synthetic hair while manufacturing the lashes. So, they are reusable up to 25 times. Their 3D synthetic lashes are also their favorite product.

52. Rare Lash Factory Wholesale Lash Extension Suppliers

With over six years of experience in the lash industry, Rare Lash Factory is a professional lash vendor in the USA. They use high-quality silk lashes only.

The brand also offers in-salon services as well as lash training courses. Their pre-made fan lashes are the most popular in their collection. They manufacture them using high-quality PBT fibers to give a silk finish and lightweight feel.

The company claims that all the lashes are handmade and use high-quality Korean PBT.

53. reLASH Best Eyelash Extension Supplier

reLASH is a salon that offers lash services as well as other beauty services to their customers on appointment.

The company was established in 2014 and provides silk and mink eyelash extensions services. They sell high-quality eyelash extensions and other makeup products. Their lash services are also impressive, and you can see several customer reviews on the website.

Apart from providing lash services, they also have a lash academy. They offer lash courses here.

54. Borboleta Beauty Mink Individual Lashes Wholesale

Borboleta Beauty is a highly professional and top lash vendor in the USA. Their team of professional lash artists is reliable and hardworking. The company also thrives on coming up with new trends in the lash industry.

Their O.G. lashes are one of a kind and have also won an award for their natural and flawless look. Apart from these, they sell classic extensions, volume extensions, and specialty extensions.

With more than 10 years of being in the lash industry, Borboleta Beauty sells different lashes and lash products. You can find eyelash extensions here, along with their tools.

They also offer lash training and lash extensions services to their customers in the salon.

55. Lotus Lashes 25mm Lash Vendors

Lotus Lashes is another reliable wholesale lash vendor in the USA. Many of their lashes are vegan and cruelty-free.

They sell three kinds of lashes:

  • Mink lashes
  • Faux mink lashes
  • Silk lashes

All of their lashes are handmade and sterilized to keep them non-allergic. Magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner are some of their new products. The different styles of false lashes and lash extensions make them the best wholesale lash vendors.

The official website has many customer reviews and a lash quiz to help you choose the best lashes according to your style.

56. Dodo Lashes Lash Vendors List

Dodo Lashes is a professional mink lash vendor in the USA, which offers worldwide shipping. The company has 10 years of the best after-sales service in the lash industry.

They also sell wholesale mink lashes to retailers.

Dodo Lashes also claims to provide free trials for their eyelashes to help you decide the best design. Their lash collection includes:

  • 3D faux mink lashes
  • Mink lashes
  • 25mm lashes
  • Silk synthetic lashes

You can find lashes with different curl styles and lengths. Also, their rates are much affordable.

57. Yegi Beauty Eyelash Packaging Vendors

Yegi Beauty is an old member of the lash industry as it came into existence in the early days of false lashes.

As a certified lash technician runs this company, they also provide eyelash extension classes. This professional eyelash vendor has all kinds of eyelash extensions and all other tools associated with them.

Their expertise is in the lash extensions industry. But, you will also find strip lashes here. Their latex-free colored lashes are one of the best products.

Their other lashes are pre-made fans, Russian volume pre-made fans, vegan mink lash extensions, wispy lash extensions, etc.

Their strip lashes are cruelty-free and consist of premium synthetic.

58. Lash Dreams Faux Mink Lashes Wholesale

Lash Dreams is a reliable lash vendor with several styles in its lash collection.

They manufacture faux mink lashes and 3D faux mink lashes. The company uses high-quality synthetic fiber in the manufacturing process.

You can find lashes of all lengths here, from natural to medium and dramatic look. They also sell complete lash packs at reasonable prices and wholesale rates.

Their lash styles include wispy, round, flare, and spiky lashes, which can fit every occasion.

59. LLBA Professional

Founded in 2016, LLBA Professional is the best wholesale lash vendor. They produce and supply handmade lashes to the US and Canada. They also manufacture the lashes themselves and sell them at wholesale prices.

LLBA Professional has a team of passionate workers. They provide fast services while maintaining the high quality of the products.

Their lash collection includes:

  • Flat lashes
  • Promade fan lashes
  • YY pre-fanned lashes
  • Colored lashes
  • Easy fan volume lashes

The company produces 100% vegan and cruelty-free lashes. That is why most lashes are made from silk and faux mink. The lashes are lightweight and blend with your natural lashes to give an attractive look.

60. The Little Lash Company Mink Lash Extensions Wholesale

An award-winning lash extension specialist runs The Little Lash Company. They offer in-salon services and provide lash extensions at reasonable prices. The company started with lash extensions but extended its products and services later.

They sell classic lashes, Russian volume lashes, and hybrid lashes. Many lashes are customizable and in different styles, from 3D to 5D.

61. The Eyelash Emporium Free Lash Vendors

The Eyelash Emporium is an award-winning team of professionals with more than 20 years in the lash industry. They provide their services to celebrities and make-up artists.

The brand claims that their experienced technicians also offer lash courses. They understand that their customers have to go in front of high-definition cameras. So, they put great effort into manufacturing the lashes perfectly.

They usually have studio strip lashes in their lash category. All the strip lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. The brand also sells 3D, synthetic and luxury lashes.

62. Lilac St. Lash Vendors Near Me

Lilac St. is a professional DIY lash extensions supplier. Their lash extensions come in various lengths, and you can choose the best one from 8mm to 18mm. While giving volume, they look natural and leave a spiky style on your lashes.

They also produce vegan and cruelty-free lashes. All the DIY lash extensions consist of Korean silk fibers.

They only sell DIY lash extensions and offer a monthly subscription and other lash tools. The company claims that its extensions are sweat and water-resistant and can last for up to 5 days.

63. Miss Lashes Lash Tray Vendors

Miss Lashes is a professional beauty brand. They sell lashes and lash supplies online. Apart from that, they also offer in-store beauty services and online training.

Their collection mainly consists of eyelash extensions. The easy fan lashes are the most popular in their collection. Due to their ease of use and lightweight feel, they call them Magic Fan Lashes.

They also sell silk volume compartments, which are available in 3D, 5D, 7D, and 10D. Being a professional lash vendor, the brand also sells other lash extensions accessories.

All the lash extensions are available in different lengths and curls. The variety of lash styles also allows you to choose the best ones from the collection.

64. OpulenceMD Beauty Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

The founder of OpulenceMD Beauty is an ophthalmologist. She came up with this idea after seeing her natural lashes fall due to the use of false lashes. So, she came up with a unique idea and decided to introduce a full range of magnetic and glue-free lashes.

This lash vendor also has other lash products in the collection, along with false lashes. The company claims that their magnetic lashes are super easy to use and can last for up to 45 wears.

Most of their single lashes are made from Siberian mink and have magnets to offer a sticky feel. The collection mainly includes single lashes and magnetic lashes. You can also shop in different styles on the official website.

65. LASHGOD Individual Lash Vendors

LASHGOD sells lash supplies and offers lash courses and training in the USA. The brand came into existence in 2015 and now provides many other services and beauty supplies.

You can find high-quality lash trays and other lash accessories here. Their collection includes:

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Strip lashes
  • Colored lashes
  • Promade fans

The brand claims to manufacture vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic lashes. They only use high-quality PBT fiber in the manufacturing process. Their lashes are reusable up to 30 times.

66. Pinky Goat Eyelash Extension Vendors Wholesale

Pinky Goat produces vegan-friendly and cruelty-free false lashes at reasonable prices.

This award-winning lash brand came into existence in 2015. They have a wide range of handmade faux mink lashes.

All the lashes are handmade and reusable for more than 15 times.

They sell lashes with different effects, from natural to voluminous. These lashes are ideal for everyday wear and events.

67. Land of Lashes Fluffy Mink Lashes Wholesale

Land of Lashes specializes in providing high-quality lashes at affordable prices. They hand-craft the lashes and use high-quality synthetic fibers in the manufacturing process. The company also claims to provide 100% cruelty-free lashes to their customers.

They have different categories of lashes. You can use them for occasions, whether it’s a small party or a wedding.

The brand also sells lashes with invisible bands made from faux mink. They sell their vegan strip lashes in bundles as well as individually.

68. One Lash Chance Eyelash Venders

One Lash Chance is a reliable wholesale lash vendor. They produce high-quality vegan-friendly lashes.

All the lashes are reusable up to 10 times. They also provide lash care tips from professional makeup artists.

The brand sells high-quality handmade lashes at reasonable prices. The wide collection includes strip lashes and lash extensions. They are easy to apply and feel lightweight while blending with natural lashes.

Their full collection includes lashes for every eye shape and occasion.

69. She Lash Eyelash Extension Wholesale Vendors

She Lash is a team of professionals that sell lashes and provide courses. They have a lash academy where experienced lash technicians teach lash services and techniques.

The brand has four years of experience in the lash industry. They provide lash extensions services and sell high-quality lashes.

They sell classic lashes, volume lashes, and pre-made fan lashes. All the lashes are handmade and cruelty-free.

They are also available in various curls and lengths.

She Lash uses high-quality Korean PBT in the manufacturing process. The company also makes hypoallergenic lash extensions.

70. Sweed Lashes Individual Eyelash Vendors

Sweed Lashes is a professional lash vendor in the USA.

They don’t use animal hair in their lashes. That is why all the lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. They have customer reviews displayed on the website as well. The brand collaborates with professionals to come out with unique and high-quality products.

They sell eyelash extensions, strip lashes, and lash adhesives. They also have different styles, which include classic, 3D and individual lashes. 3D corner lashes and cluster lashes are the best in their collection.

71. Velvet Lashes by Daria Free Eyelash Vendors

Started in 2007, Velvet Lashes by Daria is an award-winning lash brand. The owner of the brand is a professional lash artist who has completed more than 20 lash courses.

They started from lash extensions, but the owner has now extended the services to other lash services. Apart from selling lashes, they also offer many lash extensions services to customers.

They only sell eyelash extensions and colored lashes. They make them from synthetic fiber and ultra-soft mink. However, they don’t use Siberian mink in the manufacturing process.

72. Esqido Lash Supply Vendors

Esqido is a wholesale mink lash vendor in the Canada. They use premium mink hair in the manufacturing process. These lashes are lightweight and comfortable and give a natural look to your lashes. You can get mink lashes with various lengths, curls, and volumes.

Esqido also supplies high-quality false lashes made from synthetic fibers. They also have a hand-crafted and lightweight band to give a comfortable fit.

Apart from strip lashes, you can also buy lash glue and eyeliners here.

73. LashBase Eyelash Glue Vendor

LashBase is a family-owned business and has been in the lash industry for more than 12 years. Such extensive experience makes them the best professional lash vendors in the USA.

Their mission is to provide the best and high-quality lash extensions to the customers. They sell 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D lashes.

Their collection includes classic, volume, and mega volume lashes. They also sell pre-made fan lashes and specialty lashes. All the lash extensions have different curl and length options to choose from.

74. Eldora Good Lash Vendors

Founded in 2008, Eldora is a professional UK lash vendor. They produce cruelty-free and vegan-friendly lashes. They have handmade lashes, which they manufacture from human hair and faux mink.

The brand also sells under-lashes and multi-layered lashes. All the lashes are reusable and perfect for different occasions.

Their colored lashes are available in a wide range of colors. You can shop for different lash styles, lengths, and curls.

75. Oh My Lash Eyelash Glue Pen Vendor

Oh My Lash is an award-winning wholesale eyelash extensions supplier. They put great effort into the quality and service of their products. They sell cruelty-free products, which are also registered by the EU.

The brand also provides lash training courses.

Their main products include faux mink lashes, luxury silk lashes, and color lashes. You can also find a variety of curls and lengths in their lash collection. They also partner with different distributors to sell their lashes.

76. Livbay Lash Canada Lash Extension Supply Vendors

Livbay Lash Canada is an eyelash extensions vendor. The brand sells high-quality lash trays.

They claim that the strips are easy to pinch and fan off from the lash trays. They sell pre-made fan lashes, mix extensions, colored lash extensions, and easy fan lashes. Apart from these, you can also find many other lash accessories here.

You can buy lash kits and bundles for discounts.

77. Ioni Lashes Lash Glue Vendor

If you want to buy bulk lashes at wholesale rates in the USA, Ioni Lashes can be a perfect choice. However, people buying wholesale lashes should buy more than 100 pairs.

Their 16-pair and 96-pair lash bundles are popular among customers.

All the lashes are cruelty-free and vegan. Also, they are hand-crafted by professional workers.

They only sell 3D faux mink lashes in boxes.

78. CALA 25mm Mink Lash Vendors

Established in 1982, CALA is the leading lash vendor in the USA. Their synthetic lashes are lightweight, cruelty-free, and hand-crafted by professional workers. Their lashes are much affordable, making them the best wholesale lash vendor in the USA.

They also manufacture natural hair lashes and 3D faux mink lashes. The 3D faux mink lashes are the best in their collection due to their weightless feel and curl.

All the lashes manufactured by CALA are contact lens-friendly and reusable for up to 25 wears. They also have incredibly lower prices than other lash vendors.

79. Dose of Lashes Colored Mink Lashes Wholesale

Dose of Lashes is a team of professional lash vendors, and they sell many different styles of lashes. These include:

  • 3D luxury mink lashes
  • 6D luxury mink lashes
  • 3D luxury faux mink lashes

Apart from lashes, you’ll also find 2in1 Dream Liner and Adhesive, a unique product in their collection. The company claims that their luxury lashes are also lightweight and can last for more than 15 wears.

All the mink and faux mink lashes are of high quality, and you can see many positive reviews from customers on the website.

80. Eye Candy Lashes Lash Vender

Eye Candy Lashes is a team of professionals that offers in-store lash services. You can book an appointment online and visit the salon to get lash and brow services.

They sell and offer synthetic mink lash extensions and real mink lash extensions. They have their own blog where you can find information about lash care and other tips.

They specialize in eyelash extensions, and you may not find many strip lashes here.

81. SoCo Lashes Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale

SoCo Lashes is the best place for people who want to start their own eyelash extensions brand. They have professionals in the team who offer online courses and help you make a successful business in the lash industry.

SoCo Lashes also supplies high-quality eyelash extensions and other products. Their products are eco-friendly, and their boxes are not made from plastic.

They sell classic lashes, volume lashes, color lashes, and pre-made fan lashes. You can also buy lash extensions at wholesale prices here.

82. Lovely’s Lashes Best Lash Extension Vendors

Although new, Lovely’s Lashes has made its way to the best lash vendors in the USA. It was founded in 2019, and in a short time, the company has progressed to a successful business. You can find lashes of different styles here, along with other makeup products.

They manufacture and sell high-quality products. You can also find many customer reviews displayed on the website, which give a hint of their professionalism.

Their lash collection includes:

  • Mink lashes
  • Extra wispy lashes
  • Round lashes
  • Flared lashes
  • Natural lashes
  • Fluffy lashes

They also have a separate category of $8 lashes. This category has cruelty-free silk lashes. Almost all the lashes are reusable up to 25 times.

83. Morphe Wholesale Lashes Near Me

Morphe was born in 2008 with the aim of providing high-quality makeup at affordable prices. Apart from eyelashes, Morphe has a wide range of many beauty products. They produce and sell cruelty-free makeup.

You can also shop for many other brands through their official website as Morphe collaborates with them. All the vegan lashes are handmade and cruelty-free and can last up to 5-8 wears.

Synthetic lashes are also their expertise. From natural to dramatic looks, you can find customizable and high-quality lashes here.

84. Express Lashes Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale

Express Lashes is based in the USA and provides professional lash and eyebrow services. You can get lash extensions and strip lash services here. But, they require you to get an appointment first.

Their lash extensions include:

  • Volume mink extensions
  • Mega volume mink extensions
  • Classic mink lash extensions
  • Hybrid mink lash extensions

85. Royal Lashes PLLC Vendor Lashes

Founded in 2015, Royal Lashes PLLC is owned by a certified cosmetologist and lash artist. Besides selling lashes and lash products, they also provide lash services to customers and lash training.

Their promade lashes are the best and come in various options like 4D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 14D, etc.

All lash trays have handmade and lightweight lashes to give a natural look. You can also buy practice lashes and private label lash glues here.

86. Star Lash Mink Lash Extension Vendors

Star Lash is another professional lash vendor.

They provide high-quality lashes to lash technicians. Many celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande have also tried their lashes.

This lash vendor sells both strip lashes and lash extensions. Most of their lashes are cruelty-free and vegan. These lashes are reusable, easy to apply, lightweight, and have an invisible lash band to blend with your natural lashes.

Apart from selling strip lashes, they also provide in-store services for lash extensions.

87. Drama Llama Mink Eyelash Manufacturers

Drama Llama has a variety of different styles of lashes. While magnetic lashes are their popular products, they also sell non-magnetic lashes.

They produce cruelty-free lashes. That is why their lashes consist of silk. The company also has all customer reviews on the website. These reviews prove that they are professionals in the lash industry.

They also sell clear and black adhesive liners, providing all services under one roof. The company claims that all the lashes have no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

88. Salon System Eyelash Vendors Near Me

Salon System started its journey in the beauty industry 40 years ago. The brand has a deep-rooted history with a professional team.

This award-winning brand sells lashes and also provides lash courses.

They sell strip lashes and eyelash extensions, as well as other lash tools. The lashes are cruelty-free and come in various shapes, sizes, curls, and lengths. You can buy a pair of lashes or buy them in bundles for better discounts.

Whether you want a natural or fluffy look, Salon System has a solution for every lash enthusiast!

89. Bahama Lashes Best Lash Supplier

Founded in 2017, Bahama Lashes has a wide range of different lash styles. They provide high-quality lashes that can last for more than 30 wears. Also, their lashes are comfortable to wear for long and come at affordable prices.

Whether you want lashes for everyday wear or a voluminous look, Bahama Lashes has all the latest styles. They also offer worldwide shipping.

90. Peaches and Cream Lashes Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes

Peaches and Cream is a professional beauty brand that also sells false eyelashes. They manufacture cruelty-free lashes with thin bands to give them a lightweight feel.

They provide both individual and strip lashes and have different styles from natural to dramatic and volume. As all the lashes are cruelty-free, their collection includes faux mink lashes. All lashes consist of high-quality synthetic fibers.

The faux mink lashes are thick and fluffy and offer a dramatic look.

91. Loveseen Eyelash Glue Wholesale Supplier

Loveseen is a team of professionals with an interesting story in the lash industry. The company has worked hard to get to this point, and its lash products are continuously growing.

They produce cruelty-free lashes with eco-friendly packing. Also, their lashes are lightweight with a nylon band. Most of the lashes consist of PET and nylon. You can also find several different types of lashes to suit your eye shape.

The company also has a blog and displays all customer reviews on the website.

92. Lux Lash Society Eyelash Vendors List

Lux Lash Society is a professional wholesale lash vendor with several years of experience.

The company claims to use the latest techniques in the manufacturing process. You will find synthetic false lashes and lash extensions in their collection.

Their collection includes the following types of eyelashes:

  • Color lashes
  • Specialty lashes
  • Volume lashes
  • Pro-made fans

You can also find 5D, 6D, and 8D lashes, along with different curl options and lengths.

93. Younique 20mm Mink Lshes Wholesale

Younique is a team of professional lash artists and produces high-quality cruelty-free lashes. The magnetic lashes are their best-sellers, which are made from nylon and vegan silk, and have 10 magnets.

They are also the first direct sales company that sells their lash products through social media. Founded in 2012, the company also claims to provide the best quality products with the aim of developing healthy and clean cosmetics.

94. The Lash Shop Mink Individual Lashes Vendor

Founded in 2014, The Lash Shop has now become an award-winning and accredited academy for lash extensions. They sell premium and high-quality lash extensions and lash trays at affordable prices.

Their most popular products are:

  • Velvet flat lashes
  • Cashmere mink lashes
  • Pre-made fan lashes
  • Colored lashes

They source their products from the best manufacturers and test them. The company also provides lash extension courses to customers, both live and online.

95. The Lash Professional Private Label Mink Lashes

The Lash Professional is another best wholesale lash vendor in the USA. They offer lash extensions training and sell the latest eyelash extension supplies.

While you can buy individual products, they also provide wholesale products. The team puts great effort into their products, and experts in the lash industry test their lashes.

As they offer professional lash training, you’ll only find eyelash extensions and their supplies. They don’t have strip lashes. The team also claims to pass each product through several tests and trials before making it available to buy.

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