9 Best Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Factory Supplies in Greece

1. Lash Factory Eyelash Extensions Greece

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Greece has some of the best wholesale eyelash extension vendors in the world. It is one of the world’s tourist destinations that exposes lash vendors to the global market.

It’s also home to some of the best beauty brands globally, such as Korres, Apitiva, and Erre Due. lash greece

Best eyelash extension vendors in Greece? Here is a list of the best eyelash extension vendors in Greece. The vendors offer high-quality cruelty-free lashes to meet all your needs. 

You can also use your browser and search for ‘eyelash extension vendors Greece near me’ when in Greece. The browser will give you more options to select.

Be sure to check out the vendor reviews before making your bulk order. This will help you to avoid bad business experiences.

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2. DLux Professional Greece Mega Volume Lash Extensions

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Dear & Luxury Professional is the leading eyelash extension vendor in the world. We offer luxury lashes backed by sophisticated research acquired in over 2 decades.

We use innovation to design and create quality lashes to meet the market’s demands. Our brand enjoys global recognition due to our top-notch training in eye care.

Why choose us? We use premium silk to manufacture our eyelash extensions. Our prices are customer friendly.

We offer comprehensive customer care support before and after-sales. This guarantees your greatest satisfaction. lash lift greece

3. Lash Box LA Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer Greece

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Lash Box LA manufactures innovative lashes developed and designed by our artist. The artist has more than 15 years of producing the best lashes to meet our client’s needs.

All our lashes pass the quality test by or team of educators. The team makes modifications to enhance the durability and efficiency of our lashes.

Why choose us? Our lashes have a short application time, are durable, and add volume to your eyes.

We offer a wide range of eyelash extensions, from individual lash extensions to 10D lash fans. lash studio near me Greece

4. Addictive Lashes Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Suppliers Greece

individual lashes Greece

Addictive by Menia Nalbanti is the best eyelash manufacturer in the industry. We have over a decade of experience producing high-quality eyelash extensions. lash suppliers Greece

Why choose us? Eyelash extensions allow you to flourish. Each of our eyelash extensions has a matte finish.

We offer value for your money. Our prices match the quality of our lashes.

We manufacture our luxurious eyelash extensions with you in mind. We offer different curves, sizes, and thicknesses for your selection.

We offer more than eyelash extensions. We have the best adhesive, cleanser, and eye care products.

Our eyelash extensions come in mixed packages and individual numbers.

5. VLV Beauty Russian Eyelash Extension Vendor Greece

classic lash extensions

VLV Beauty is the leading beauty academy and production company in Europe. We have been in the industry long enough to understand the growing market demands.

Our founder, Lioutmila Vertikova, is a celebrated international trainer specializing in lashing.

Why choose us? We are not just a beauty brand but a renowned beauty academy in Europe in the lashing field.

We offer high-quality mink and silk individual lashes. They come in different colors, thicknesses, and curves.

We have set affordable prices for each pack of our individual eyelash extensions. colored eyelash extensions Greece

6 .iLash Artis Wispy Lash Extensions Vendor Greece

natural eyelash extensions

iLash Artis is the world’s number 1 eyelash extension manufacturer. We have been manufacturing high-quality lashes since January 2011.

Our lashes illuminate your beauty by opening up your eyes. We guarantee durability and comfort with every set of our eyelash extensions.

Why choose us? We offer more than just eyelash extension packs. We have individual and premade fans for your selection. best eyelash extension glue Greece

Each eyelash kit has accompanying sets of applicators and eye care products. We offer affordable prices for the kits.

We offer same-day delivery for all online orders made before noon. We have many payment options to make your payment process easy.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders above 80 Euros. Visit our website for more details and to make your orders!

7. Elisabeth Lashes Volume Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer Greece

lash studio Greece

Elisabeth Lashes is the World’s leading eyelash vendor in the industry. We have been in the market since 2009, offering the best lash techniques across Greece.

We manufacture high-quality and durable lash extensions at affordable prices. We use synthetic mink, which is anti-allergic.

Our lashes have well-balanced curves and are free from a false glossy texture. The result is a natural eyelash appearance.

We offer customer-oriented services to meet the need of every Greek woman. We also provide training services for every aspiring lash extension expert. individual eyelash extensions Greece

We give a 100% refund or replacement if you receive a defective eyelash package.

8.Lashionista.Natural Lash Extensions Supplier Greece

glue for lashes

Lashionista offers high-quality eyelash extensions that meet consumer needs. We have long-term experience producing durable eyelash extensions.

Our stores are at the heart of Greece, in Athens. This means that you can easily access our stores and buy from our wide range of products.

Why choose us? We have a variety of individual lash extensions and premade fans for your selection.

We are not only eyelash extension vendors but also trainers. We produce the best lash technicians. Lash extension adhesive Greece

We offer free shipping for all eyelash extensions above 100 Euros.

9. Beauty Lashes Eyelash Individuals Vendor Greece

eyelash extension glue

Beauty Lashes is the best eyelash extension vendor in the market. We have been in the eyelash extension industry for more than 2 decades.

We are your one-stop shop. Our lash technicians offer the best training to any upcoming lash artist. Get your training from us and buy high-quality lashes to grow your business. 

Why choose us? We give attention to detail with our eyelash extension. Our lashes brighten your face and give you a sophisticated appearance.  mink eyelash extensions Greece

Our prices match the quality of our lashes. This has helped us create long-term relationships with clients across the globe.

Final Thoughts

Our list contains the best eyelash extension vendors in Greece. All the above vendors are private label companies.

There are other lash vendors in Greece, such as Ubuy or Beauty Wear. They are online platforms that act as brokers for renowned eyelash extension brands.

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