11 Best Eyelash Extension Vendors Suppliers Factory In France

1. Lash factory vendor false eyelash wholesale France

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Lash factory is the leading eyelash extension vendor in China. Our long-term experience in the industry helps us manufacture high-quality eyelash extensions France.

We use different materials for our eyelash extensions. This is to give you a wide selection based on your preferences.

Store Lashes has the best premium silk eyelash collection. The lashes come in mixed-size and single-size packages.

We offer individual eyelash extensions and premade-fan lashes. These come in different sizes, thicknesses, curls, and colors.

Why choose us? We offer very competitive prices on all our eyelashes. We aim to keep you coming for more quality eyelash extensions at an affordable price.

2.PramsLux Eyelash Extensions wholesale Vendor France

lash extensions France

PramsLux is your number one eyelash extension vendor in France. We offer a vast collection of top-of-the-range eyelash extensions.

We are an eyelash beauty specialist. This means we have in-depth knowledge of what makes safe and quality lashes.

PramsLux has everything you need when it comes to lashes. We have natural false lashes, glamor, and volume lashes. They all give you different effects, as the names suggest.

Why choose us? We specialize in high-end products to keep you looking elegant and classy. We pay close attention to the environmental and ecological aspects of our products. individual lashes France

We offer free delivery on all orders with no minimum purchase. This applies to orders within France, Monaco, and Andorra.

3. Cils France False Eyelashes supplier wholesale lash extensions France

individual lashes France

Cils France is the most trusted eyelash extension vendor in France and United States. We have served in the eyelash extension industry since 2006.

We manufacture and source the highest quality lashes for your satisfaction. We help you meet your clients’ demands by supplying durable lashes for the best results.

We use premium silk and faux mink to manufacture our lashes. This gives you a choice given what your clients love.

Cils France’s eyelash extensions come in elegant packaging. We manufacture different thicknesses, lengths, and curls. We wish to see you coming back for more of our lashes. classic eyelash extensions France

Why choose us? We offer affordable prices for all our eyelash extensions. Make your bulk buy, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

4. Carroussel Boutique Lash Extensions Supplier wholesale business France

natural eyelash extensions

Carroussel Boutique is the leading lash extension brand in France. Our goal is to support lash artists in achieving a successful careers.

We have many years of experience in the industry producing high-end lash extensions. We have classic and volume lashes to your desire.

Why choose us? Carroussel Boutique is your one-stop shop for all eyelash extensions and lash products. We have it all, whether you want lash glue, hydrogel pads, or cleansers.

We offer cruelty-free lashes. Our lashes are safe for all clients, with no allergies or ethical implications! hybrid lash extensions France

The lashes also come in different curves, lengths, and thicknesses. Contact us for more details about our lashes.

5. Cils De Marie Classic Eyelash Extensions Vendor wholesale France

hybrid lash extensions

Cils De Marie is a reliable eyelash extension brand and vendor in France. We are an entire beauty salon that also produces high-quality lash extensions.

We pay attention to detail when producing our classic and volume eyelash extensions. Cils De Marie focuses on quality over quantity.

Each set of our eyelash extensions come in different curves, thickness, and length. We aim to meet all your needs and those of your clients.

Why choose us? We offer reasonable prices for our high-quality lashes. We manufacture safe eyelash extension care products and tools.

Reach out to us for more information about Cils De Marie eyelash extensions. Get your order delivered to your doorstep. russian lashes France

6.Cils Expert Classic Lash Extensions wholesale mink lash Vendors France

russian lashes

We are experts in the eyelash extension industry, as our name suggests. Our long-serving years in the eyelash market give us great expertise.

Cils Expert manufactures the highest quality eyelash extensions for everyday use. Our goal is to offer you the best products and services.

We want to see you succeed in the eyelash extension market. This is why we offer pocket-friendly prices on our quality eyelash extensions.

Cils Expert has the best pre-made fan lashes in 3D and 5D bouquets. The lashes give you the perfect Russian results. hybrid eyelash extensions France

Why choose us? Cils offers more than eyelash extensions; we have high-end lash care products such as lotion enhancement. This helps to strengthen your lashes.

7. Lash Pro Secrets wholesale 0.07 Volume Eyelash Extensions France

best false eyelashes France

Lash Pro Secrets is the leading distributor of London’s most prestigious lash brand. We stock London Lash’s top-notch eyelash extensions available in different unique styles.

We have been in the industry for over a decade, training on lash application and lash care techniques.

Our students end up being the best lash artists in the industry. This has earned us the trust of big international eyelash extension brands.

Why choose us? Become a Lash Pro Secrets’ partner trainer and enjoy discounted prices on London Lash products.

Reach out to us for more information on how to become our partner and learn of the fantastic offers. volume eyelash extensions France

8. Lash Master Wispy wholesale volume Lash Extensions Vendors France

eyelash extension glue

We are the masters of the lash industry, as our name suggests. Lash Master is the leading eyelash vendor in France and across the globe.

We have been in the eyelash extension industry for almost a decade. Our main activities have been supplying high-quality lashes and training upcoming lash artists.

Why choose us? Lash Master aims to provide quality and affordable eyelash extensions and false lashes. Customer satisfaction drives us.

Our lashes come in different styles, sizes, and thicknesses to meet your needs. We guarantee durability and strength in each strand of our eyelash extensions.

Reach out to us for more about our lashes and get the most from our fantastic offers. mink eyelashes extensions France

9. Jolicils Paris wholesaale Volume Lash Extensions Vendors business France

colored lash extensions

Joilicils Paris is the heart of Paris when it comes to durable eyelash extensions. We are the desire of every celebrity stylist.

We use premium silk, mink, and microfiber to manufacture our eyelash extensions.

Our eyelash extensions come in a range of colours, curves, lengths, and thicknesses. This helps us meet all your needs and those of your clients.

Why choose us? We offer flat lash ellipse, a product that most manufacturers do not stock. We provide you with the highest quality lashes at affordable prices.

Reach out to us for more information about our eyelash extensions. We desire to see your eyelash business grow. wispy hybrid lashes France

10. Xtreme Lashes Wispy Lash Extensions Vendors eyelash business France

wispy hybrid lashes

Xtreme Lashes is the leading eyelash brand in France. We celebrate 15 years of excellence and innovation in the eyelash industry.

We offer training to aspiring beauty artists. They get to enjoy the benefits of purchasing our exclusive eyelash extensions.

We are very particular about who stocks our eyelash extension. This is why you have to create a pro account to buy our lashes. You have to be a professional lash artist. colored lash extensions France

Why choose us? We help women feel great and confident about themselves. This reveals their true beauty. Our goal is to offer quality services and products to professional lash artists.

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