18 Best Eyelash Extension Vendors Factory supplies in Sweden

1. Best Lash Factory Supplier wholesale lash extension in Sweden

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

Lash factory is a beauty brand . The founders have more than 10 years experience with eyelash extensions and strip false eyelashes

Why choose Lash factory?  Lash factory offers luxurious lashes. The brand uses 100% cruelty-free and animal-friendly material on the lashes.

The brand offers vegan and non-vegan eyelashes. It has prospects of expanding into the production of colored lashes, fast fanning lashes Sweden,glitter lashes and many other popular false eyelashes.

Lash factory provide many kinds of lash accessories, lash adhesive, lash shampoo, Primer and Remover.

2. Look by Linn Eyelash Extension business distributors Sweden

lashes Sweden

Look by Linn is a leading beauty salon established in 2013 by Linn Jeppsson. Look by Linn has its main salon and beauty school in Halmstad, Sweden.

Look for the largest lash extensions school in Sweden? Looks by Linn is the place to go. Also, Look by Linn offers a range of high-quality beauty products.

Look by Linn offers the most sophisticated eyelash extensions in Sweden. It also offers professional lashing courses.

Why choose Look by Linn? Look by Linn offers a wide variety of eyelash extensions that come in elegant packages. lash vendor wholesale Sweden

The eyelash extensions come in different thicknesses, curls, and colors. This is to offer diversity to clients.

Look by Linn offers amazing pricing on each set of eyelash extensions. No compromise on the quality of the products!

Enroll as a Look by Linn student for a 10% discount on your eyelash extensions and other beauty products.

3.Fahlén of Sweden Lashd Eyelash Extensions supliers wholesale

lash extension Sweden

Fahlén of Sweden is a leading beauty store in Sweden. It specializes in hair products and accessories. This includes high-quality lashes.

Fahlén of Sweden places value on the quality of all its products. The company aims to make every woman feel elegant, beautiful, and confident.

Why choose Fahlén of Sweden? The company offers durable lashes under the name Luxe Lashes by Fahlén of Sweden.

Luxe Lashes come in different volumes. This helps to meet the needs of the classic look lovers to the dramatic effects lovers.

Fahlén of Sweden offers pocket-friendly prices on each set of lashes. The packaging of the lashes looks like what every woman wants, a gift set!

Head over to their website for more information about their products and services.

Fahlén of Sweden is a leading beauty store in Sweden. It specializes in hair products and accessories. This includes high-quality lashes Sweden.

Fahlén of Sweden places value on the quality of all its products. The company aims to make every woman feel elegant, beautiful, and confident.

Why choose Fahlén of Sweden? The company offers durable lashes under the name Luxe Lashes by Fahlén of Sweden.

Luxe Lashes come in different volumes. This helps to meet the needs of the classic look lovers to the dramatic effects lovers.

Fahlén of Sweden offers pocket-friendly prices on each set of lashes. The packaging of the lashes looks like what every woman wants, a gift set!

Head over to their website for more information about their products and services.

4. Sweed Lash Vendor Sweden wholesale classic lash extensions manufacturer

false eyelashes Sweden

Sweed is a dedicated eyelash beauty brand. The name Sweed comes from the combination of Sweden and Sweet.

Sweed produces high-performance products that fit a star ready to walk a red carpet event. The founder, Gabriella Elio, is a professional makeup artist. She believes in quality and performance.

Why choose Sweed? Sweed offers lash products that fit a princess at her royal wedding. The brand focuses on producing new innovative lash collections.

Every pack of Sweed lashes guarantees high performance and durability for the user. Sweed handcrafts all its lashes, and you can reuse them up to 10 times.

The most talented makeup artists in the industry use Sweed lashes on their clients. But, Sweed still maintains the affordability of the lashes to all clients. Lash extensions wholesale Sweden

Find Sweed products in prestigious stores such as Harvey Nichols, among others.

5. Lashia Lash Supplier Sweden mink lash extension wholesale

lush sweden

Lashia AB is a family business launched in January 2011 by a Swedish mother-daughter duo. The goal is to offer the best lash training in the industry while producing quality lashes.

Lashia believes that eyelash extensions don’t need to look or feel fake. The extensions should highlight the beauty of your eyes, and you shouldn’t have to use mascara again.

Why choose Lashia? Lashia’s salon was among the first salons in Sweden to focus on eyelash extension services. This means that we understand what we offer to the market.

Lashia’s professional lash artists leave your lashes feeling natural, even with extensions.

Lashia offers high-quality  eyelash extensions Sweden available in 0.06 and 0.07 thicknesses. The curls come in C, C, and D bends.

Reach out to Lashia’s online store for your eyelash orders, among other products and services.

6. Donna Lashes lash vendors wholesale volume lash extensins Sweden

lash extensions sweden

Donna Lashes believes that your eyes are the windows to your soul. This led to the creation of eyelash products with a lot of love and passion.

Donna Lashes is a Swedish brand. It has the highest Scandinavian quality to deliver the best lashes.

Why choose Donna Lashes? Donna Lashes offers high-performance recommended by professional beauty trainers.

Donna Lashes’ eyelash extension palette comes in different thicknesses and lengths for diversity. Donna offers pocket-friendly prices for eyelash extensions Sweden and other lash products.

The brand offers vegan-friendly lash products and observes GMP standards during production. Visit their website for more information about their products and services.

7. Swedish Natural lash vendor wholesale private label extension Sweden

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Swedish Natural serves as a salon and a beauty supplies center in Sweden. It prides itself on hosting celebrity artists and bloggers as its regular customers.

Swedish Natural has professional stylists skilled in hair and eyelash extensions. It offers lashing classes to students wishing to explore a career in the industry.

Why choose Swedish Natural? The brand stocks some of the best eyelash extensions in the industry.

Swedish Natural eyelash extensions come in different packs. Some contain mixed eyelash extensions.

Other Swedish Natural packs contain single lashes, while others contain flat lashes.

Swedish Natural offer volume eyelash extensions. Each of the mentioned packs contains lashes in different curls and thicknesses. It’s easy for clients to pick the best packs for their needs. eyelash vendor wholesale Sweden 

Reach out to Swedish Natural for more information about their products. This includes incredible prices and discounts.

8.Posh Lashes lash vendors Sweden cheap wholesale distributors

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Posh Lashes is a lash salon, training center, and lash extension supplier. It is your one-stop-shop for all your lash needs.

Posh Lashes offers simple yet elegant lash products. The products offered include eyelash extensions, lash glue, and tweezers.

Why choose Posh Lash? Like the name, Posh Lash offers a classic feel and touch to its services and products.

Posh Lashes offers quality eyelash extensions in white packaging. The white represents minimalism and class. lash vendors wholesale Sweden

The lashes come in different lengths, curls, colors and thicknesses at affordable prices. Reach out to Posh Lash for an exquisite experience with their products and services.

9. Idana Beauty Lash Packaging wholesale Manufacturer Sweden

lush products sweden

Idana Beauty is a specialist salon in hair extensions. It also offers eyelash extensions, microblading, and brow services.

Idana Beauty has invested in quality beauty products and accessories. The products include hair extensions, lashes, lenses, and other beauty and skincare products. lash vendor near me Sweden

Why choose Idana Beauty? Idana offers a range of high-quality lashes at affordable prices. They have classic to volume lashes suitable for different clients.

Find the best mink and magnetic 3D false eyelashes at Idana Beauty. They also come in different colors.

Visit their website for more information about Idana lashes. Enjoy free shipping on all products above SEK 499.

10. Sephora lash vendors wholesale private label faux mink Sweden

eyelash extensions

Sephora is one of the world’s leading beauty brands that cater to clients across the globe. This is by establishing stores in almost every country globally.

Sephora Sweden has good products as those sold at the Sephora headquarters. This means the brand prioritizes high-quality products for all.

11. Maréna Beauté wholesale lash extension vendor list Sweden

lash vendor Sweden

Maréna Beauté is a leading Swedish cosmetics brand that provides high-quality makeup. Its products match the skin complexions of women of all races.

The founder of Maréna Beauté, Diarry Maréna is pf Senegalese origin raise in Sweden from teenage hood. This prompted her to create beauty products for all skin tones.

Why choose Maréna Beauté? Maréna Beauté offers high-quality beauty products at affordable prices. 

Maréna Beauté offers professional grade eyelashes. The lashes have a soft, light, and natural feel. Maréna Beauté offers 100% cruelty-free lashes that are comfortable for everyday use.

Maréna Beauté hand makes its eyelash using 100% premium synthetic material. This helps to achieve a near-natural look.

Enjoy the high durability of Maréna Beauté lashes. Get to reuse them as many times as possible before replacement. Maréna lashes offer value for your money. lash vendors Sweden

12.Depend lash manufacturer wholesale strip lash private label Sweden

lash wholesale vendors

Depend is a leading cosmetics brand in Europe. It manufactures in-house products at its factories in Sweden and Indonesia.

According to Depend, the key to success is developing new and unique ways of selling products. This is alongside producing high-quality and attractive designs on products.

Why choose Depend? Depend produces handmade eyelash extensions made from natural or artificial hair.

Depend eyelash extensions have a thin surface that makes application easy and comfortable. The lashes come in different styles, such as volume, wispy, single, and natural lashes.

Depend offers affordable prices on all artificial lashes and eyelash extensions. Visit their website for details about their products. eyelash vendor wholesale Sweden

13.Mist Stockholm best lash extension vendors business Sweden

lush sweden

Mist Stockholm is a leading professional makeup and cosmetics line. It has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mist has a dedicated team of professional artists that work hand-in-hand with manufacturers. The goal of the collaboration is to produce high-quality and lasting products.

Why choose Mist? Mist produces a range of high-quality eyelash extensions at affordable prices. The eyelash extensions come in different styles and colours.

Mist uses quality synthetic silk to manufacture its range of false lashes.

The goal is to meet the demands of professional makeup artists. These artists work in the fashion and entertainment industry. lash vendors wholesale  Sweden

Mist continues to produce cosmetics that meet the demand for quality products. Visit their website to make your order.

14. Feline Lashes wholesale own brand vegan lash vendor Sweden

eyelash extensions sweden

Feline Lashes offers high-quality eyelashes since its launch in 2016. The lash brand offers 100% cruelty-free and vegan lashes.

Why choose Feline Lashes? Feline offers a diverse collection of false eyelashes. The lashes that meet the needs of classic to volume look lovers. Sample their dreamy silk lashes suitable for all occasions.

Feline Lashes has three main false lashes collections:

  • The kitten collection
  • White kitten collection
  • Lash 3-packs

Feline lashes come at affordable prices and ship its products worldwide. Visit their website to order your Feline Lashes from Sweden to any corner of the earth. lash tray suppliers Sweden

15. Lilly Nails wholesale lash extension mixed product vendors Sweden

lash lift sweden

Lilly Nails is not just about nails. The brand is Europe’s leading distributor of professional lash, brow, and nail products.

Lilly Nails provides high-quality training on nail, brow, and lash services. The goal is to train professionals and make our customers feel proud of our products.

Why choose Lilly Nails? Lilly Nails aims to ensure customer satisfaction. It focuses on providing customer safety while interacting with our products.

Lilly Nails eyelash extensions come in different curls, thicknesses, and lengths. This helps to meet classic and volume application needs.

Lilly Nails uses vegan-friendly ingredients to manufacture eyelash extensions and other products.

The brand has its product developers. The goal is to produce the latest and best products in the market. lash manufacturer Sweden

16. Glam of Sweden wholesale strip lash product Supplier

lash extension Sweden

Glam of Sweden offers top-notch products at amazing prices. The brand keeps up with the newest trends and updates in the cosmetics industry to bring you the best.

Glam of Sweden offers a range of beauty products. These products include lashes, eyeshadows, masks, lipstick, nail polish, mascara, plus more.

Why choose Glam of Sweden? The brand offers vegan-friendly lashes, among other beauty products.

Glam of Sweden offers premade fan and strip lashes that come in beautiful tiny packs. The brand has its lash adhesive. This helps to increase the durability of eyelash extensions.

Enjoy affordable prices on the lashes. This includes outstanding shipping fees regardless of the order amount. vegan lash vendor Sweden

17. Swati lash vendors wholesale premium lash extensions Sweden

lashes Sweden

Swati is a leading cosmetics brand. It deals with eye makeup and beauty products and accessories.

Swati produces a variety of eye cosmetics. Some of the products include lashes, lenses, eyeshadows, and lash serum, among others.

Why choose Swati? Swati has a range of eyelashes that come in six different styles. Swati offers Vegan and cruelty-free lashes that give a 3D effect.

Swati ensures that the lashes have lightweight and suitable for all types of clients. Also, Swati lashes have an extra-curled and multi-layered appearance.

Visit their website to enjoy amazing discounts. This includes free shipping on orders that meet their target. lash wholesale vendors Sweden near me

18. Distinction Beauty lash tech suppliers wholesale Sweden

lash extension brand Sweden

Distinction Beauty creates beauty products while managing mother earth’s natural resources. It’s one of the few companies that focus on sustainability in production. lash tech vendors Sweden

Why choose Distinction Beauty? Distinction offers eyelash extensions made from premium PBT material. Synthetic PBT is a flexible and super light material suitable for all types of lashes.

Distinction lashes offer Tray lashes which are an assorted version of eyelash extension. This means that the tray contains different types of lashes. Best for classic and volume application.

The beauty brand also offers loose lashes. The lashes come in different curls, thicknesses, and lengths.

Distinction Beauty’s loose lashes best fit classic applications.

Distinction offers cruelty fee products that are not tested on animals. The company uses raw safe raw materials based on environmental and health aspects.

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