17 Best Wholesale Eyelash Extension Vendors Factory Supplies in Dubai UAE

1. 2023 Best Eyelash vendor factory wholesale lashes UAE

Wholesale eyelashes extensions vendor Mexico

2023 best eyelash factory supply own brand lash extensions,strip false eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3D faux mink eyelashes, Colored lashes, Premade fan lashes, Volume lash extensions and many other types.

All the products are 100% cruelty-free and with the highest quality. The lash Factory supply OEM ODM brand with wholesale price, the minimum order quantity just need 1 pack. 

We can supply custom product service, custom eyelashes with your brand. We also supply many kinds of lash accessories,lash adhesive 0.5-1s ; 1s-2s dry,lash shampoo,lash brush, super bonder,tweezers…

Lash extensions vendor

2.Iolite Eyelash Architecture Lashes Vendor wholesale premade fan Dubai UAE

eyelashes dubai

Iolite is the leading eyelash extension vendor in UAE. We offer bespoke eyelash extensions alongside quality lash supplies across the globe.

We are more than your ordinary eyelash extension suppliers. We offer mind-blowing lashing services. Enjoy the transformation of your appearance and leave our salon feeling confident.

Why choose us? We offer a range of 100% cruelty-free quality eyelash extensions. We use premium mink and premium silk to manufacture our lashes.

Iolite lashes come as individual lashes or volume-fan lashes. We supply 5D mink fan lashes for the perfect dramatic effect.

We use different curls, lengths, and thicknesses to meet the various needs of our clients. We have something for every customer, the subtle look lovers and the dramatic look lovers.

Reach out to us to order your retail or wholesale Iolite lashes. Enjoy our affordable prices. We guarantee you value for your money. eyelashes uae

3. Flutterfluff Lashes Best Lashes supplier in dubai wholesale mink lash 3D UAE

false eyelashes dubai

Flutterfluff Lashes is among the best eyelash extension brands in the UAE countries.

We aim to provide luxury 3D mink lashes to glamorous and sophisticated women. This is alongside our affordable prices.

Why choose us? Flutterfluff lashes have a natural look and luxurious effect. The lashes are soft, fluffy, and light, perfect for all eyelashes.

We hand-make each of our eyelash extensions using 100% cruelty-free mink fur. We sterilize our lashes to enhance hygiene and prevent allergic reactions to customers.

We stock light, medium, and high-volume eyelash extensions. Iolite allows our customers to select their lashes based on their eye shape for the best results.

Enjoy maximum use of our Fluffyfluff lashes. You can reuse them up to 25 times. We have more in store for you. Reach out to us to find out. false eyelashes dubai

4. Sephora Best Fake Eyelashes wholesaler mink lash extensions dubai UAE

false lashes dubai

Sephora is one of the world’s largest beauty brands. It’s known for supplying quality and reliable products. We have our grounds in the UAE doing what we do.

Whatever product you need in the beauty world, Sephora is your number-one go-to store. This includes high-quality private label eyelash extensions.

Why choose us? Sephora supplies eyelash extensions from the best-known brands in the world. We also stock our eyelash extension.

We offer a range of eyelash extensions. This is regarding quality, curls, thicknesses, colors, and lengths.

There is always the perfect set of eyelash extensions, regardless of your pocket size.

Visit the nearest Sephora outlets near you when in Dubai. Get yourself quality eyelash extensions UAE and supplies.

5. MAC Cosmetics Lash Perfect Vendor Dubai UAE

eyelashes abu dhabi

MAC Cosmetics is the leading elite beauty brand. We supply high-performance beauty products to the market. Our high-quality services and products go beyond decades of existence.

We aim to enable maximum self-expression by turning makeup into art for everyone. This is by applying our amazing set of lashes.

Why choose us? We supply the best eyelash extensions for the studio, theatre, and everyday use. Our experts hand-make the MAC lashes to enhance durability and perfection. Lash extension UAE

MAC lashes come in different styles. We have wispy, flared, curled, crisscrossed, fanned, or volume lashes.

We have you covered whether you are going for the fluttering femininity or a bold definition. Check us out for more, including amazing offers on your first order.

6. Huda Beauty Best eyelash brand wholesale mink lash in UAE

eyelashes uae

Huda Beauty is the fastest-rising beauty brand in the world. It’s owned by Dubai’s beauty sensational, Huda Kattan.

Huda Beauty launched its private label eyelash extension in 2013 at Sephora Dubai Mall. Huda Beauty is a fun, sophisticated, and innovative beauty brand.

Why choose us? We aim to fill the existing gap in the beauty industry. This drives us to develop top-notch 100% vegan and cruelty-free eyelash extensions.

Huda Beauty lashes come in different volumes and styles to meet the market demand. We stock premade fan lashes and strip lashes for diversity.

Our prices guarantee value for your money. We want everyone to afford a set of Huda Beauty lashes without compromising quality.

Reach out to us via the website to make your order. You could also visit any beauty store around you and buy the incredible Huda Beauty lashes. lash uae

7. Glossy Makeup Best Eyelash Manufacturer wholesale own brand in UAE

false eyelashes UAE

Glossy Makeup is a beauty brand based in UAE. We supply quality eyelash extensions and beauty products trusted by our clients.

Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty. This is while encouraging you to embrace your amazing self. Our makeup compliments all regardless of skin tone.

Why choose us? Glossy Makeup supplies the most sought-after magnetic lashes. They come packaged in simple yet stylish cases.

We offer a range of premium quality eyelash extensions which include;

  • Whispy lashes
  • Natural lashes
  • Full lashes
  • Party lashes
  • Corner flick lashes

Enjoy free delivery on orders above AED 99 across the 7 United Arab Emirates states. Contact us for more information and place your bulk eyelash extensions order.  false lashes dubai

8. Nina Ubhi False Eyelashes Supplier wholesale 3D mink lash business in UAE

fake eyelashes Dubai

Nina Ubhi is among the fast-rising beauty brands in Dubai owned by a power couple. The couple’s goal is to become a multifaceted international beauty brand.

Nina Ubhi offers bespoke bridal makeup services, events, and destination wedding makeup.

We joined the beauty supplies market by introducing quality lashes. Nina Ubhi lashes meet international standards.

Why choose us? Nina Ubhi supplies premium quality mink lashes and classic collections. Our exclusive mink lashes allow women to achieve a full natural look at home.

Nina Ubhi’s classic lashes provide comfort and a natural finish. This is due to their lightweight nature. Nina’s lashes complement your natural beauty. fake lashes dubai

Visit any of the following stores to buy Nina Ubhi’s unique lashes;

  • Ounass
  • Boutiqaat
  • Watsons
  • Apotheca

9. Pinky Goat 2022 Best Eyelash Factory wholesale lash extension Supplier UAE

mink eyelashes UAE

Pinky Goat is the leading environmental-sensitive beauty brand in the world. We won the Global Green Beauty Awards in 2021 for producing the best vegan eye products.

We produce handmade lashes made by our professional lash manufacturers. No machines involved!

Why choose us? Pinky Goat produces 100% cruelty-free lashes. This ensures eye safety for clients with protein allergies.

We offer amazing prices for each set of our lashes, making them affordable for all. No manipulation of prices or compromise on quality.

We produce durable lashes that you can reuse up to 15 times when handled with care. Use our Pinky Goat lash glue to apply the lashes for the best results. lash perfect dubai

10. The Dubai Dolls wholesale volume eyelash extensions company in UAE

strip false eyelashes UAE

The Dubai Dolls are the leading eyelash extensions vendor in Dubai. We make the most glamorous lashes there could be!

Our lashes are cosmopolitan award winners. They are also cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Each of the lashes is individually handcrafted.

Why choose us? We make effortlessly natural lashes that give a soft glam look. Dubai Dolls’ lashes have a comfort-fit flexible band that disappears into the lash line. This gives them weightless wear.

Our lashes are also suitable for all occasions, either during the day or night. Enjoy multiple reuse of up to 10 times.

Dubai Dolls’ lashes are also formulated without Parabens, Sulphates, and Phthalates. This enhances eye safety by minimizing allergic reactions to the chemicals.

Reach out to us for affordable and durable lashes! best lashes in dubai

11. Bio Touch Wholesale classic eyelashes extensions Vendor UAE

lash supplier UAE

BioTouch, Inc is the leading manufacturer of eyelash extensions in the UAE. We have over a century of experience, which means we are good at what we offer.

We have beautiful lash extension kits packed in elegant carrying pouches. This enhances convenience and easy access.

Why choose us? Our lash extensions will have your eyes looking from just ordinary to extraordinary.

Bio Touch lashes come in different types. We have mink lashes, premium volume lashes, and premium classic lashes.

The eyelash package contains eyelash extensions, tweezers, glue, plus more. All these are the essentials that one requires to get started.

Reach out to us for consultations on eyelash extensions. Check out other services you would need from our website! Lash vendors UAE

12. 9 Makeup Dubai Lash Studio Supplier 3D mink lash manufacturer wholesale UAE

wholesale lashes vendor UAE

9makeup is among the leading eyelash vendors in the Arab Emirates. We make the most natural, modest, and high-definition eyelash extensions.

We make both natural and faux lashes that suit the occasion. We also have them in different lengths depending on our customers’ personal choices.

Why choose us? Our lashes are perfect for everyday wear, either during the day or at night. We offer secure shopping to our customers. 9 Makeup offers great prices for all our products and services.

We only accept cash on delivery and easy free returns. Reach out to us for free delivery of over AED 150 within 48 hours! 3D mink lashes UAE

13.She Lash Strip false eyelashes manufacturer UAE

fake eyelashes Dubai

She Lash is the number one eyelash vendor in Dubai. The Emirati cosmetic brand launched over half a decade ago.

We offer custom-made eyelash extensions o meet our customers’ expectations and demands. We dedicate our goal to pure excellence.

Why choose us? Our lashes are 100% organic and cruelty-free. We offer lashes of different lengths, textures, thicknesses, and shapes.

To name a few, some of the lashes we currently have in the market are the crisp lashes, lux, and mink lashes UAE, among others.

For a smooth application, you can combine it with our She lash glue. Find the combinations on our website at an affordable price.

Reach out to us for express shipping and hassle-free returns!

14. DIY Glams Magnetic Lashes Supplier wholesale DIY lash extensions UAE

wholesale mink lashes UAE

DIY Glams is the number one source for trendiest eyelash extensions. We have 18 years of experience and emphasize quality, cost, and ease of use.

We are proudly different. We stand out in terms of the services we provide and the products and techniques we use.

Why choose us? We know what masters look at when selecting eyelashes. That is the length, bending, color, and density.

We use the modeling services when building the lashes. It enhances the natural effect. We have volume style, classic style, natural style, and ready sets in store for our clients.

Reach out to us to make your order. We have affordable prices on all our lashes, whether you’re making a retail or wholesale order! Lash extension brand UAE

15.Beauty Worx Strip False mink Eyelashes Extension Vendor wholesale UAE

lash vendor UAE

Beauty Worx is the leading eyelash brand in Dubai, with Cynthia as the founder. Beauty Worx produces the best eyelash extensions in Dubai as it continues to gain popularity in UAE.

Why choose us? Our lashes are super good at enhancing the natural lashes’ length. They add volume, curls, color, and thickness to your lashes.

Beauty Worx lashes cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We do this by offering a wide variety of eyelash extensions.

We supply traditional classic lashes, 3D volume, and colored and strip lashes. Beauty Worx believes in products that suit everyone.

Reach out to us for great prices on all our lash extensions! lash wholesale UAE

16. Mojé Lash Extensions Brand Supplier mink lash extensions business UAE

mink lash extensions UAE

Mojé Eyelash Extensions Supplies produces the highest quality products in the lash market. We spent years of research and development before production.

We offer a range of eyelash extension supplies; tweezers, adhesives, serums, plus more. Mojé is your one-stop shop for all your eyelash extension needs.

Why choose us? We use premium quality to manufacture our eyelash extensions. Mojé believes in quality. This is why we embarked on research before joining the eyelash extension market.

We test our eyelash extensions and other supplies against major brands in the market.

Our goal is to surpass the expected quality levels. We know better than meeting the market standards levels as most competitors do.

Reach out to us for more information about our supplies. Follow the prompts provided on our website to make your bull order. best lash vendor UAE

17. Sunaee Eyelash Beauty Salon Eyelash Extensions distributors wholesale UAE

Eyelash extensions vendor UAE

Sunaee Eyelash Beauty Salon is the leading eyelash specialist in the heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE. We also stock high-quality eyelash extensions for all.  volume lash extension UAE

Sunae has a team of professional eyelash stylists dedicated to duty. Our goal is to provide the best lashing services to our guests.

Why choose us? We offer high-quality Beau Vie eyelash extensions that meet your personality and taste. Sunaee believes in creating different products that suit different needs.

The Beau Vie eyelash extensions come packaged in clear cases. The package contains eyelash extensions of different lengths, thicknesses, and curves.

We also offer quality and eye-safe lash glue, remover, and other eyelash supplies. Use a combination of the Beau Vie products on the lashes for perfect results and durability.

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