14 Best Eyelash Extension Wholesale lash Vendors Suppliers Bulk In Miami

1. LashMakers premade fans mega volume lash wholesale Miami

Premade fan lash Miami

LashMakers is one of the leading brands in the beauty products and services industry. LashMakers produces quality commercial products and offers reliable eyelash training.

The founder, Lena Asher, uses her expertise to train over 400 lash makers every year. She has redefined the art of lash-making.

Lena has managed to maintain quality standards through the years.

Why choose LashMakers? LashMakers offers over 50 bespoke beauty products, which include high-quality lashes. premade volume fans wholesale Miami

They offer different eyelash extension collections, which include;

  • Classic collection
  • Ellipse lashes
  • Pre-made volume fans
  • Signature collection

LashMakers ensures that each of the collections offers users a wide selection. They offer different thicknesses and lengths.

Lena sells her eyelash extensions at affordable prices. This allows lash artists and beauty enthusiasts to access the lashes.

Visit LashMakers’ website for more details about their wide range of eyelash products. Get directions to their Miami studio as indicated on the website. premade volume fans eyelash extensions

2. Miami Mami. Co premade fan lashes wholesale supplier Miami

premade eyelash fans bulk

Miami Mami.Co is a competitive eyelash extensions brand. The founder, Shekerea Samuel, holds several certifications as an eyelash extension artist.

Miami Mami.Co offers lashing services and high-quality products. The brand aims at helping clients find the best lash styles for their eye shapes with zero allergies.

Why choose Miami Mami.Co? The beauty brand creates a voice in the beauty market by meeting the needs of every client. This is by offering quality lashes and accessories.

Miami Mami.Co offers real mink, faux mink, and 25m mink lashes. The lashes produced have a lightweight feel and guarantee durability at affordable costs. premade fan volume lashes Miami

You get endless opportunities to express your unique beauty through their products.

Visit Miami Mami.Co to know the best eyelash extensions that work for your eye shape. Learn more about their services and products from their website.

3. MoLash Bar premade fans wholesale vendor Miami

premade fan eyelash extensions

MoLash Bar is a well-performing lash salon, academy, and lash products, supplier. It’s an all-in-one center that offers online lash training services in Miami.

Why choose MoLash Bar? They offer unique collections of lash products such as lashes, tweezers, and adhesives.

The lash trays contain high-quality eyelash extensions made from premium faux mink. They come in different lengths, volumes, thicknesses, and styles.

They have the volume CC, D, and Classic CC, D. MoLash Bar offers reasonable prices for all the eyelash trays. pre made fan lashes wholesale Miami

MoLash Bar lashes have a long-lasting duration. They come off the strip with ease making the application simple.

Enjoy 50% discounts when you order more than 100 lash trays from MoLash Bar. But, use the code ‘wholesale’ to enjoy the lucrative discount.

Visit their website for more information about the products and services offered. Book your appointments online for those going in for lashing services.

4. Lash Scouts premade fan lashes extension business vendor wholesale Miami

premade lash fans bulk

Lash Scouts aims to set a new standard for the lash industry. They offer lashing services, training, courses, and lash products and accessories.

The brand has been in the market to help lash artists achieve the independence they need as future CEOs.

Why choose Lash Scouts? The founder, Jacquelyn Reyes, uses her 15 years of experience as a lash artist to train lash artists. She uses the experience to come up with unique lash products. premade fan volume lashes Vendor Miami

Lash Scouts targets new lash artists, offering affordable eyelash extension kits. The kits contain quality eyelash extensions Miami, mannequin heads, adhesives, tweezers, and other accessories.

They also sell individual trays containing Russian volume lashes and classic lashes. The trays may contain mixed or single lash types in terms of length, thickness, and volume.

Visit their website for interesting information about lashes in their blog section. Learn more about their products and services and how to buy from the site.

5. Lanna Lashes hybrid premade fan lashes extension business wholesale Miami

premade fan lash extensions

Lanna Lashes provides the tools and education necessary for lash business owners.

They provide detailed online and in-person training on lashing. The brand provides quality lash products for your lash business. Lana Lashes’ goal is to make you a prosperous 6-figure beauty CEO.

Why choose Lanna Lashes? They supply quality eyelash extensions and other lash products at competitive prices. premade fan russian lashes Miami

Lanna Lashes has sets of volume and classic lash trays, which come in black cases. This adds a touch of class to your beauty products collection.

The volume lash trays come in 0.03mm, 0.05mm, and 0.07mm thicknesses. They are best used for hybrid, volume, and mega volume applications.

The classic lash trays come in different lengths, curls, and a diameter of 0.15mm. They are best for classic look lovers.

Visit their website to book your appointment or order your lash products. Get 10% off by subscribing to their newsletters.

6. Ohh! Lashes pre made russian fans lash extension vendor Miami

premade fan extensions

Ohh! Lashes prides itself as an elite lash studio in Miami. Ohh! Lashes comprise a team of highly trained celebrity lash artists. Their founder, Tamara Lake-Mair, is an expert celebrity stylist.

Ohh! Lashes believes in enhancing the natural beauty of the clients. This helps to boost their confidence.

Why choose Ohh! Lashes? The company uses the finest lash materials. They use chemical-free, medical-grade lash glues made in the USA.

Ohh! Lashes produces quality eyelash extensions made from premium silk. The lashes come in mixed trays and pro-made fan trays. Lash extension vendor Miami

Their eyelash extensions contain different thicknesses, lengths, and curls. This helps serve a broad client base.

Ohh! Lashes sell their eyelash extensions at reasonable prices without compromising quality. Visit their website for more details about their products and services.

7. Brickel Lashes wholesale premade fans bulk supplier Miami

premade lash fans heat bonded

Brickel Lashes is a professional lash brand based in Miami, USA. They offer outstanding lashing services, training, and products.

Rosy Kin, the owner of the beauty company, believes in using the best products for the best results. She has several certifications as a lash artist.

Why choose Brickel Lashes? The beauty brand aims at keeping your natural lashes healthy. This is while offering the best service and products. premade fan lash extensions Miami

Brickel Lashes uses premium mink on their eyelash extensions. The lashes have a matte finish, which perfectly blends with your natural lashes.

The lash trays contain a single length of mixed-length lashes. You may find a 0.03 CC, 0.05 D, or 0.05 CC lash tray containing 16 rows of same-length lashes.

The lash trays have an Aluminum backing which helps prevent mess during application. Brickel Lashes offers reasonable prices on its lash trays and other lash products.

Visit their website for their range of high-quality lash products and services. Find directions to their physical studio from the website.

8. Plush Minks wholesale premade fan extensions business vendor Miami

pre made fan individual lashes

Plush Minks is a competitive beauty studio and lash products brand in Miami. They offer quality skincare and beauty treatment services.

The studio has a team of qualified experts who offer many skin care treatment services. premade fan wholesale Miami

Why choose Plush Minks? The brand continues to revolutionize the beauty industry. This is by offering top-of-line mink lashes.

The price range of the mink lashes suits clients with a tight budget. This makes it possible for everyone to afford a set of mink lashes.

Their 2 pairs of Currency Collections come with a free domestic shipping offer. The packaging cases have a touch of class and fancy.

Reach out to Plush Minks for more details about their Mink Lashes and quality services.

9. Miami Glam Lounge wholesale premade volume fans Lash vendor manufacturer Miami

pre made fan lashes wholesale

Miami Glam Lounge is a studio offering lash services, training, and products. You may choose to attend online classes or in-person training at their studio.

Miami Glam Lounge is your one-stop shop for reliable beauty products and services.

Why choose Miami Glam Lounge? They sell high-quality lash products such as eyelash extensions, tweezers, and lash adhesives. premade fan lash extensions

Their lash trays come in beautiful packaging cases. The lash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls. This helps to meet the needs of diverse clients.

Miami Glam Lounge offers reasonable prices for each of its eyelash products. This welcomes all types of clients to buy their products.

10. My Lashes Studio premade coloured fans vendor wholesale Miami

premade fans manufacturers

My Lashes Studio is your premier lash destination located in Brickell, Miami. They provide the highest quality lashing experience with perfect results for all clients.

The studio offers personalized approaches to bring out the unique beauty of clients. They have highly trained lash experts who deliver breathtaking experiences on time. premade fan russian lashes

Why choose My Lashes Studio? They use the best cruelty-free lash products, such as eyelash extensions.

My Lashes Studio cares for their client’s health. They use the safest techniques when treating your lashes.

The studio supplies high-quality lash extension volume sets at affordable prices. The lashes help to empower women and make them feel beautiful and confident.

Visit their website to scroll through their remarkable lash services and training. Order your eyelash extensions and other products from the highest-rated lash studio.

11. Kikis Beauty Bar wholesale coloured premade fans Vendor Miami

10d premade fans miami

Kikis Beauty Bar is a beauty space offering mink lashes, hair accessories, and press-ons.

The store aims to cover the basic beauty products a woman needs on the go or in a hurry.

Why choose Kikis Beauty Bar? They guarantee easy-to-fix products that a woman running against time can easily use.

Kikis Beauty Bar offers quality but limited products, favoring clients who love fewer options. This helps you make a fast decision on your purchase.

Kikis Beauty Bar offers a 20pc set of lashes with 4 different styles at an affordable price. The single set pieces also sell at a low price, saving cost and time.

Kikis Bar offers Gift Cards that enable you to buy quality mink lashes for yourself or your friends. Individual lash extensions Miami

Visit their website for quality lashes, hair accessories, and press-ons. Their products run out of stock fast due to high demand.

12. Lashes Pro wholesale premade hybrid fans business Vendor distributors Miami

lash extension business ideas

Lashes Pro is an established lash studio, training school, and lash products, provider. They enhance the looks of their client through their products and services.

Lashes Pro aims to show you how to have beautiful lashes even when you’re away. They focus on training you how to be a self-sufficient lash artist.

Why choose Lashes Pro? They offer professional eyelash extensions and other lash products at reasonable prices.

Lashes Pro provides a wide range of eyelash extensions. They come in different curls, thicknesses, lengths, and colors. Lash extension adhesive Miami

Find the following lash trays that come in different thicknesses and lengths at Lash Pro;

  • C Curl Black lashes
  • B Curl Black Lashes
  • CC Curl Black Lashes
  • D Curl Black Lashes
  • B Curl Brown Lashes
  • C Curl Brown Lashes
  • CC Curl Brown Lashes

Reach out to Lashes Pro for lash tools and accessories, including treatment products.

13. Lavish Lashes wholesale premade fans heat bonded vendor Miami

eyelash extension vendor miami

Lavish Lashes is the number one lash services and products provider in Miami. They offer their clients professional lash products, training, and lashing service.

Lavish Lashes provides its services to celebrities and regular clients. Some celebrities they serve include Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, and Julie Bowen. premade fans heat bonded Miami

Why choose Lavish Lashes? They offer thoroughly researched and tested eyelash extensions, among other lash products. This leads to the production of state-of-the-art lashes in the market.

They offer available starter kits for aspiring lash artists. The starter kit contains high-quality eyelash extensions, adhesives, tweezers, surgical tape, plus more.

Lavish Lashes offers classic and volume lash trays made from high-quality materials. The eyelash extensions come in different colors, shapes, thicknesses, and lengths.

Find the following types of volume blends to meet your unique needs;

  • Single lashes
  • EZ fans
  • Dual Layers
  • 2-in-1
  • 3-in-1

Their classic extensions come in different materials and types as follows;

  • Bold Minks
  • Silky Minks-Matte or Glossy
  • Siberian Minks
  • 2-Tone Bold Minks
  • Lower Lash Extensions
  • Premium Loose Lashes

Visit their website for more information about their professional products and services. best premade fan lash extensions

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