The Complete Guide To Russian Strip Lashes And Where To Buy Them


Are you considering having Russian Strip Lashes added? In recent years, these lashes have grown in popularity due to their ability to enhance your natural lashes without adding bulk and weight. We’ve got a variety of Russian lash extension products on our website. In this article, we take a look at Russian Strip Lashes, explaining […]

Handmade Volume D Curl Russian Style Strip Lashes


? Russian strip lashes are pre-made strip eyelash bands. Apply the lashes on the skin right above the lash line using an adhesive. Each band contains many strands of lashes, adding volume to the strip.

Russian Strip Lashes


our handmade Russian strip lashes will correspond well with your party look. They are super curled. We made them in D curl. We have added the best material for your wear that will not harm your eyes. It will sit on perfect when you are out with your loved one. You do not have to care about a thing.