7 Steps how to find a eyelash extensions vendor

To find a lash vendor, you can follow these steps: 1.Conduct an online search for lash vendors in your area or in places where you want to source your products. 2.Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of the quality of their products and services. 3.Contact the vendor directly through […]

4 Ways To Find Eyelash Extension Manufacturers?


1. Find eyelash extension manufacturers in search engines. 2. Find eyelash extension manufacturers on exhibitions and trade shows. 3. Search eyelash extension manufacturers on social media.

4 Tips Are Synthetic Fiber Eyelash Extensions Harmful?

Are Synthetic Fiber Eyelash Extensions Harmful

Clean your hands before putting on or taking off your eyelash extensions.
Avoid any glue that contains formaldehyde.
Don’t use too much glue.
Don’t be rough when removing eyelash extensions.
Wipe or wash your eyelids after removal.
Never lend your fiber eyelash extensions to others people.